IT Capital Investment Program

Information Technology Capital Investment Program

The rapidly changing pace of technology provides significant opportunities to transform how government provides its services.  The Information Technology Capital Investment Program was established in FY13 to counter years of neglect and make strategic investments to upgrade technology and create systems across agencies that make state government more efficient and user-friendly.

The challenge for Connecticut is that it is too costly to fix or upgrade all of its technology systems on an individual basis. That’s why the IT Capital Investment Program leveraged its investments in technology by taking an enterprise-wide approach wherever possible and focused on creating systems that are interoperable and involve shared services and applications.

The program has pursued opportunities and investments that meet the following strategic priorities:

  1. Make state government more user-friendly and efficient for citizens, businesses and municipalities when transacting business with the state, including areas related to obtaining permits licenses, paying taxes or accessing services;
  2. Make information about services and state government more available and easy to find on-line;
  3. Coordinate efforts with OPM's LeanCT Program to implement efficient, modern business practices that result in clear and identifiable cost savings and service delivery improvements for state agencies;
  4. Increase transparency for the public and policy makers regarding costs, effectiveness and service outcomes within and across state agencies;
  5. Reduce the costs to the state regarding its implementation, use and management of technology systems through shared services, applications and hardware across agency boundaries and by other means;
  6. Implement systems needed in support of health care reform and managing costs and improving outcomes related to the state's health and human service programs; and
  7. Ensure the appropriate confidentiality, integrity and availability of the State's valuable electronic or digital data information resources in order to provide an environment in which the state's user community can safely conduct state business.

Governance of the Information Technology Capital Investment Program has been accomplished through the Information Technology Strategy and Investment Committee.  The Committee is charged with ensuring that the goals of the Program are met and aligned with business outcomes.  The Committee is co-chaired by the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and the Commissioner of Administrative Services.  The Committee is staffed by the Office of Policy and Management, with assistance of project advisors from DAS-BEST.

The role of the Committee with respect to the Information Technology Capital Investment Fund is to:

  1. Establish the rules, processes and procedures associated with the fund;
  2. Recommend funding of projects submitted under this program in accordance with the goals and priorities. The Committee may make modifications for projects requested as it deems appropriate.
  3. Approve the budget, financial reporting system, governance model, project management approach to be employed with respect to approved projects.
  4. Meet periodically to review the implementation status of approved projects.
  5. Authorize staff and/or consultants to work on its behalf to ensure the effective implementation of Information Technology Capital Investment Program.

For more information on the Information Technology Strategy and Investment Committee meeting schedule, including agenda's and minutes, please visit the Connecticut Public Meeting Calendar website here.

Application Process

To apply for funds through the Information Technology Capital Investment Program please follow these three steps:

    1. Complete the Investment Brief.
    2. Complete the IT Capital Investment Program Financial Spreadsheet.  
    3. E-mail the completed investment brief and spreadsheet to 

Project Oversight

Agencies are required to provide periodic project status updates to OPM’s Information Technology Policy Office which reports shall be shared with the Committee.

Agencies must communicate with the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the OPM IT Policy Director, or their designees, regarding the need for major scope and/or budgetary changes in regard to approved projects.  The IT Policy Director and CIO shall consult, as needed, with the affected agencies, the Committee and OPM’s Budget Division in this regard.

To help ensure the state information technology investments, spending and activities address the above 7 strategic priorities, the Committee will also provide oversight for large agency projects regardless of funding source.          

IT Capital Investment Program - Project Portfolio

A detailed view of the agency projects can be found on the Connecticut Open Data Portal here.


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