Information Technology Strategy and Investment Committee Meetings

IT Strategy and Investment Committee Schedule  
Meeting agenda is available on this website 24 hours before the meeting.
Click on agenda to view the agenda and click on minutes to view minutes for the corresponding date.
Date Agenda Minutes
November 13, 2015 meeting cancelled meeting cancelled
December 9, 2015 agenda minutes
January 13, 2016 agenda minutes
February 10, 2016 meeting cancelled meeting cancelled
March 9, 2016 meeting cancelled meeting cancelled
April 13, 2016 agenda minutes
May 11, 2016 agenda minutes
June 8, 2016 agenda minutes
July 13, 2016 agenda minutes
August 10, 2016 agenda minutes
September 14, 2016 agenda minutes
October 13, 2016 agenda draft minutes
November 9, 2016 meeting cancelled meeting cancelled
December 14, 2016
The meetings will be held at 450 Capitol Ave. Hartford, CT. and are scheduled at 10:00 a.m.
Committee Members:
Benjamin Barnes, Secretary, Office of Policy and Management (Co-Chair)
Melody A. Currey, Commissioner, Department of Administrative Services (Co-Chair)
Jonathan A. Harris, Commissioner, Department of Consumer Protection
Rob Klee, Commissioner, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Mark Raymond, Chief Information Officer, DAS/BEST
Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian, Connecticut State Library
Scott Jackson, Commissioner, Department of Labor
Roderick Bremby, Commissioner, Department of Social Services
For further information contact:
John Vittner
Jim Hadfield