Requests for Leased Space

When no State owned space is available, non-state owned space may be utilized to meet the needs of state agencies.  In such instances a formal lease agreement between the landlord and the State is required.  These formal lease documents include provisions which delineate what space is to be leased, the costs to the state of leasing the space, the duration of the lease, what utilities, if any, are included in the lease, what construction, renovation and/or tenant fit-out projects, if any, are to be made to the leased space to accommodate the agency; etc.

Prior to final execution and occupation of the leased space by the requesting agency, all leases must be approved by the:

  1. Requesting agency, and

  2. Department of Administrative Services (who is responsible for negotiating leases), and

  3. Office of Policy and Management, and

  4. State Properties Review Board, and

  5. Attorney General of the State of Connecticut

Within the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) the Bureau of Assets Management, along with the Budget Division and the Legal Unit, is responsible for reviewing each lease request and making an approval/disapproval recommendation to the Secretary of the OPM.  The Bureau reviews each lease request submitted in order to:

  • Determine if the agency is approved for the necessary square footage and costs under the State Facility Plan, or if an Interim Space Request is necessary;

  • Compare the lease request against the real property inventory to determine if the agency's space need could be met through the utilization of existing leased or state owned space;

  • Determining if the square footage being leased and the terms and conditions of the lease are in the best interests of the State of Connecticut, etc.

Obtaining Leased Space

For most State agencies, the process to obtain space is carried out by the Leasing and Property Transfer Unit within the Department of Administrative Services.

However, prior to obtaining leased space, agencies must be approved for the necessary square footage and funding under the State Facility Plan or via an Interim Funding/Space Request.


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