Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement


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OPM created the Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement to assist executive branch agencies in complying with OPM's procurement standards for PSAs and POS contracts.
The form must be completed and signed by all individuals who participate in an agency's RFP process, including, but not limited to, those who write the RFP document and its associated evaluation plan, those who review and rate proposals (i.e., the Screening Committee), the Official Agency Contact, and any technical advisiors.
The top section of the agreement is completed and signed when an individual begins participation in the RFP process.  The Endorsement section is completed and signed after the proposals are opened and the identities of the proposers become known.
        Date: December 8, 2016.
Insert the agency name at the top of the form.  It is recommended that an agency not change the form, but may do so to meet its unique requirements.

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