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Not later than 60 days after the completion of a PSA or POS contract, an agency must prepare a written evaluation of the contractor's performance. The “completion of a PSA or POS contract” is defined as the end date of the contract’s term, or the date of any contract termination prior to the end of the contract term.  If the original term of the contract has been amended, the end date would be the amended end date.  If the term of the contract is extend by amendment a second time, however, an evaluation must completed within 60 days of the end date included on the first amendment.  If the original contract contained extension options, completion of the contract would be the end date included in any exercised extension option(s). Agencies must use CT Source to create a contractor performance evaluation and to review existing evaluations. 

A printed (hard) copy of the completed evaluation form must be retained in the agency's official project file for the contract.


Contractor Performance Evaluation Memo - February 2022



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