How can our staff enter information directly into the CT WiZ website?

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Getting started at clinics where staff will enter data directly into CT WiZ

If your staff will log directly into CT WiZ, we can give them access to manually enter information for vaccines administered to patients, manage inventory, and/or generate reports. Please follow this 5-step process: 

  1. Submit a CT WiZ Application Form: Complete the Application for Electronic Reporting to CT WiZ online form to register.
  2. DPH Contacts Your Coordinator: Our team sends your primary coordinator instructions for how to use the CT WiZ user interface.
  3. Coordinator Adds Staff: Your primary or backup coordinator adds your approved staff to the CT WiZ Clinic Contacts.
  4. Staff Request Access: Your approved staff request access to CT WiZ.
  5. Post the CT WiZ Notice: Post the notice at your clinic to help make sure patients know that their immunizations are recorded in CT WiZ.

Please contact our Help Desk if you have questions about getting started. See the footer below for a link to our ticketing system.

CT WiZ for Vaccine Providers and Training