Where can I find vaccine and data codes for our EHR?

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EHR-HL7 Code Tables

Use these guides to see the latest codes and mapping for your electronic health records system:

  • Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) Patient Eligibility Screening Record Cheat Sheet provides guidance for mapping the vaccine funding program eligibility and vaccine funding sources in your EHR.
  • Vaccines Supplied by the Connecticut Vaccine Program lists the vaccines currently supplied by the State of Connecticut. The report contains the vaccine name, brand name, packaging, NDC, manufacturer, CVX code, and CT WiZ dropdown selection.
  • CDC IIS Data Code Sets provides the current immunization information system (IIS) codes and crosswalks to ensure your electronic health record (EHR) system. is updated with the current code sets.
    • TIP: Enter your email address on the CDC web page to receive updates. This will help you keep your EHR system updated to ensure accurate and complete reporting to CT WiZ.

CT WiZ for Vaccine Providers and Training