Who can help me contact people who are under-immunized?

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Immunization Action Plan coordinators, or IAPs, are people contracted through the State Health Department. They are focused on raising immunization rates in target areas of the state that are at risk for being under-immunized. There are 9 IAP areas in the state of Connecticut.

One way IAPs help raise rates is by helping pediatric providers in their offices. IAPs can:

  • Contact hard-to-reach kids by calling their parents or guardians, sending post cards, making home visits, and more.
  • Identify the correct primary care provider when the office has not seen the child in their office.
  • Serve as a local resource for the latest information on immunization. They will provide you with regular updates on new recommendations, new vaccines, and changes in the law, etc.

Visit the Immunization Action Plan web page for a list of IAP coordinators and outreach staff contacts and for a map of towns and cities served by IAP coordinators.

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