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Connecticut’s state buildings and fleets are an important savings opportunity. See the resources below to learn how your agency can reduce its footprint.
Return to the Office Greener
GreenerGov CT is encouraging agencies to use the Return to the Office as an opportunity to refresh staff practices and habits, and take on some new initiatives. Here are low-cost actions to start on today.

Energy Efficiency

Retrofit Project Options
The following options are for Connecticut State Agencies to complete energy improvement projects at their buildings and facilities. 
Utility-Administered Projects provide turnkey project management alongside rebates, incentives, and strategic technical assistance for energy efficiency upgrades. Utility-administered programs also offer on-bill repayment, eliminating the need for up front capital investment. Bond Funded Projects require going out to bid with state-approved contractors. Bond funding has historically been utilized for projects such as lighting, rooftop unit replacements, boiler/chiller replacements, window replacements, building automation controls or EMS controls
Behavior and Re-Tuning
  • The Building Re-Tuning Checklist offers effective facility management action to reduce building energy use while ensuring that buildings operate as intended and meet current operational needs

Renewable Energy

For State Agencies that are interested in learning about implementing solar PV at your facility, please check our September 13, 2023 Webinar on Solar MAP - Solar Project Assistant for State Agencies.

For questions or interested in installing solar, please contact the Connecticut Green Bank for more information and to schedule a site visit. All of other inquiries, please email Please see contacts for the Green Bank below.

  Mackey Dykes:

  Emily Basham:

Clean and Efficient Transportation

EV Charging Installation

Sustainable Water Use

Leak Avoidance

Material, Waste, & Organic Management

The following resources are ways to improve your buildings waste management and recycling efforts:

  • Starting a Green Team offers guidance on how to start a Green Team for your building.
  • How to Recycle at Your Agency checklist offers effective facility management action to ensure that your building is appropriately recycling materials and provide staff the necessary resources to do so.
  • How to Start a ReSupply Center at Your Agency provides guidance on creating a space for building occupants to access gently used office items and inventory supplies, to reduce the need to purchase unnecessary items.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Strategy ensures that your building and agency are reducing their impacts on the environment through buying Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP).
Waste Audits and Technical Assistance

For agencies looking to conduct a waste audit on your facility and need technical assistance, DEEP has issued an RFP for Technical Assistance Statewide Materials Management. More information on the contract please go to the DAS Contracting Portal and search for contract number 22PSX0016 to see what services the contractors can provide.


Case Study on Organics Food Collection at Connecticut Valley Hospital


For more information on a variety of ways to green your agency check out DEEP's Pollution Prevention for State Agencies & Local Government page . P2 for State and Local Government Agencies (


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