TB Patient Interview

Basic steps to take to prepare and execute a Patient Interview with a TB patient.

Patient Interview Checklist (example)

Pre-Interview Preparation

  • Review medical record
  • Establish preliminary infectious period
  • Develop interview strategy
  • Arrange interview time and place
  • Arrange for interpreter
  • Review TB Surveillance Report Form for missing information


  • Provide your identification
  • Explain your role in TB Control
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Explain the purpose of the interview

Information and Education Exchange

  • Observe patient’s physical and mental state
  • Evaluate patient’s communication skills
  • Collect patient’s personal information, including:
    • Exposure to TB, other medical conditions
    • Demographics, information not provided on TB Surveillance Report Form
  • Assess patient’s disease comprehension/provide education
  • Assess insurance status or alternative payment sources for medications and/or care (e.g., TB Medicaid Program or CADAP)
  • Assess barriers to treatment and isolation adherence
  • Obtain/confirm TB symptom history for infectious period
  • Discuss basis of patient’s current diagnosis
  • Discuss disease intervention activities (e.g., treatment, DOT, infection control, and medical appointments)

Identifying Contacts to TB Case

  • Focus on infectious period
  • Explain “close” and “casual” exposure
  • Stress importance of identification of all close contacts
  • Collect information on patient’s contacts in the household, workplace, school, other congregate settings, and social & recreational environments:
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers, and amount and dates of exposure
  • Discuss site visits and sharing information with contacts on a need-to-know basis; reinforce confidentiality
  • Explain that contacts must be re-tested 10-12 weeks after last exposure


  • Request/answer patient questions
  • Review/reinforce adherence to treatment plan
  • Restate next appointment (if known)
  • Arrange re-interview and home visit
  • Leave your name and phone number
  • Submit updated TB Surveillance Report Form to TB Control Program