Continuing Education

Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses actively practicing in Connecticut and applying for license renewal after January 1, 2022, and once every six years thereafter, are required to complete two contact hours of training or education on (1) screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, risk of suicide, depression and grief, and (2) suicide prevention training.  One contact hour is defined as at least 50 minutes of instruction.

Qualifying continuing education activities include, but are not limited to, in-person and online courses offered or approved by the American Nurses Association, Connecticut Hospital Association, Connecticut Nurses Association, The Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce (CCNW), a specialty nursing society or an equivalent organization in another jurisdiction, an educational offering sponsored by a hospital or other health care institution or a course offered by a regionally accredited academic institution or a state or local health department.

Each registered nurse and licensed practical nurse applying for license renewal shall attest that he or she has satisfied the continuing education requirements when renewing the license online.

Each licensee shall retain records of attendance or certificates of completion that demonstrate compliance with the continuing education requirements for a minimum of three years following the year in which the continuing education was completed and shall submit such records or certificates to the department for inspection not later than forty-five days after a request by the department for such records or certificates.