Applicants Licensed in Another US State for at Least 4 years

The Department may issue a license to an individual who:

Holds a current license, permit, certification or registration in at least one other jurisdiction in the United States in the occupation or profession applied for;

Has practiced for not less than four years;

All licenses (current or expired) are in good standing in all jurisdictions in the United States in which the individual holds a license, permit, certification or registration and has not had a license, permit, certification or registration revoked or disciplined imposed by any jurisdiction in the United States, does not have a complaint, allegation or investigation related to unprofessional conduct pending in any jurisdiction, and has not voluntarily surrendered a license, permit, certification or registration while under investigation for unprofessional conduct in any jurisdiction; and

The person pays all fees required of other applicants for the license, permit, certification or registration.

Documentation Requirements:

The applicant shall arrange for submission directly to this office of the following:

Verification of all state licenses held, current or expired.  Please contact each state in which you hold or have held a license and request that a license verification or letter of good standing be submitted.


Applications are only accepted online.  Please select this link to apply online.  After you login and verify your email address, please select ‘Initial Application’ at the bottom left portion of the screen, expand the ‘Public Health Practitioners’ grouping and then select ‘Start’ next to the profession for which you are applying.  Please select this link for a listing of all professions and then select the profession for which you plan to apply to determine the appropriate application fee.  Note that there will be a question on the application that you will answer regarding 4 years of licensed work experience.  So long as you answer this question affirmatively, your application will be processed based on the work experience.  Note that you will not be required to provide transcripts, verification of any training or be required to complete an examination.

Please attention all correspondence to the profession for which you are applying to:

Connecticut Department of Public Health

PLIS Licensing Unit

410 Capitol Ave. MS#12APP

PO Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134