Trade Shows

A person may practice temporarily as in this state without a license or temporary permit if such person, at an event such as a professional course, seminar, workshop, trade show, or product demonstration:


Provides instruction on techniques related to being an esthetician, nail technician or eyelash technician, or


Participates in the demonstration of the practice or a product related to such practice as part of such event, provided such person:


  • Is licensed or certified in the state, territory or possession of the United States or foreign country where such person primarily practices if such licensure or certification is required by such state, territory, possession or foreign country;

  • Practices under the direct supervision of a licensed esthetician, nail technician or eyelash technician;

  • Does not receive compensation for practicing in this state, other than for providing instruction for such practice to persons in attendance at the course, seminar, workshop, trade show or other event; and

  • Provides instruction or demonstrates techniques or services related to practicing only for persons enrolled in the course, seminar or workshop or attending the trade show or other event at which such person provides instruction, demonstrates a product offers such services.

Any person or organization that holds or produces a course, seminar, workshop, trade show or other event at which estheticians, nail technicians or eyelash technicians without licenses or temporary permits provide instruction, participate in a demonstration or offer services related to practice shall ensure compliance with these provisions.