DPH FLIS Reportable Events


DPH Facility Licensing and Investigations Section (FLIS) has developed and piloted a new web based online reportable events system. The statutory requirement to report with a voice phone call has been changed to require Reportable Events be submitted via DPH FLIS Events web based program.


Please also remember to report outbreaks to DPH Epidemiology Program at 860-509-7994, and the appropriate local health department.


Benefits of Web Based DPH FLIS Report Tracking System


  • Notification changed from Phone Call to Web based notification.
  • Initiates a reportable event with basic information about the event which notifies DPH-FLIS.
  • Facility must submit the full event within 72hrs.
  • After normal business hours Duty Officers are automatically notified of an event based on the event types.
  • Bi-directional Communication with DPH FLIS team through the web based events system and retains history.
  • Facility Administrators for each facility have full Admin Powers to create/delete/activate/inactivate users for their assigned facility.
  • Display all Reportable Events and track them via Web Application.

Blast Fax Communications

Click here to view Blast Fax sent on 11/28/2018

Click here to view Blast Fax sent on 10/18/2018

DPH FLIS Reportable Events Training

Click here for Reportable Events Webinar PowerPoint Presentation

Click here for DPH FLIS Reportable System User Manual


Click here for Reportable Events Recorded Webinar Session 





Enrollment is a two-step process, so please make sure to complete both the steps to get access to DPH FLIS Event Tracking System.


Step 1: Please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/eventsfacilityadmin to submit your authorized facility administrators for your facility. Only these administrators will be approved in the system so it's very important for each facility to designate at least two administrators and submit their information.


Step 2: Each authorized administrator has to register himself online in the DPH FLIS Events website. Visit https://dphflisevents.ct.gov and click "Register as a Facility Administrator" button and complete the online registration form.


Administrators will not be granted access to DPH FLIS Events Tracking System until the above steps are completed.




All Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Homes and Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision went live as of Nov 15th, 2018.


Reportable events submissions via FAX will not be accepted from any Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Homes and Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision.


DPH FLIS Events Tracking System website : https://dphflisevents.ct.gov



  • For any assistance(Reportable/Adverse Events, LTCF COVID-19 daily reporting, ePOC, MDS assessments, Complaints submission) please submit a ticket to FLIS at https://dph-cthelpdesk.ct.gov/Ticket