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  • Instructions on how to handle password maintenance

  • Information about the employer notification form 21A
    ReEmployCT automatically notices employers when someone files against them. It is an important fraud check since employers know who their employees are/were. Some of these imposter claims—fraudulent claims—are obvious fraud and are red flagged by our integrity team even as employers receive the 21A notices. Under the old unemployment system, many of the fraud red flags happened before employers were notified. ReEmployCT ensures that employers can see the whole field—they know who is filing against them, and, in the case of ID theft of an existing employee, they can quickly notify that employee. Employers and CTDOL are better able to work together to ensure that unemployment claims are being processed properly.           

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What Employers Need to Know

  • How to Add Another Email/User
  • How to View Correspondence in the ReEmployCT System
  • For reimbursable employers, monthly billing will be changed to quarterly billing. CTDOL will begin to bill reimbursable employers on a quarterly basis after May 2022. The last monthly bill will be in May (for charges incurred in March), and the next bill will come through the new ReEmployCT system in July 2022. That will be the first quarterly bill and will include the charges for April, May, and June 2022.
  • Most file uploads in ReEmployCT require a 10-digit account number. For those employers who were assigned a 7-digit Employer Account Number, 3 zeros will be added to the end of their existing registration number. 
  • All communication issued on or after July 5, 2022, will include the 10-digit Employer Account Number. 


ReEmployCT Account Creation and Transactions: Key Points

Employers will need to create new credentials. You cannot use your old username and password to sign into the system.

When creating a ReEmployCT account for the first time, employers will be asked for an 8-digit registration number. Your 8-digit registration number is your old employer account number (EAN) followed by a single trailing zero. 

  • Example: If your EAN was 7654321 in the old system, then you would enter 76-54321-0 for your 8-digit registration number when you create a ReEmployCT account. 

    When entering your 8-digit registration number, use this format: 
    XX - XXXXX - X

You will only use your 8-digit registration number for creating your new account in the ReEmployCT system. Once you have a ReEmployCT account, most transactions will also require a 10-digit EAN. Your 10-digit EAN is your old EAN followed by three trailing zeroes. 

  • Example: If your EAN was 9876543 in the old system, then you would enter 98-76543-0-00 for your 10-digit EAN when you complete a transaction in ReEmployCT. 

    When entering your 10-digit EAN, use this format: 
    XX - XXXXX - X - XX

ReEmployCT can store 4 addresses - physical, tax mailing, claims mailing, and payroll records. Employers must maintain these addresses.

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