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Frequently Asked Questions

The new FTP File Format (Bulk File)
Reimbursable Employer Billing:


What do employers need to know?

  • The first quarter of the 2022 tax and wage return will be the last return filed in our current system. Beginning July 5, 2022, employers will file their second quarter 2022 returns—and any outstanding returns for previous quarters—in the ReEmployCT system. 
  • For reimbursable employers monthly billing will be changed to quarterly billing. CTDOL will begin to bill reimbursable employers on a quarterly basis after May 2022. The last monthly bill will be in May (for charges incurred in March), and the next bill will come through the new ReEmployCT system in July 2022. That will be the first quarterly bill and will include the charges for April, May, and June 2022.

Information for bulk filers

Do employers have to file electronically?

  • Yes. Pursuant to Conn. General Statute 31-225a (j) (2) & (4), All employers are required to file and pay unemployment contributions electronically. Prior to July 5, 2022, reimbursable employers were exempt from electronic payments due to the constraints of the current system. Electronic payments are required after July 5, 2022.

Where do employers file?

  • CTDOL will send the new filing links to employers as we get closer to the launch date. You will see changes on our website and in your existing online account as well. We urge reimbursable employers to sign up for ReEmployCT updates as well.

The Employer Account Number field was previously 7 digits. Beginning July 2022, the Employer Account Number field will be 10 digits. Does this mean that a 10-digit Employer Account Number will be included on communications to employers? Or will a 7-digit Employer Account Number continue to be used in communications to employers?

  • For those employers who were assigned a 7-digit Employer Account Number, 3 zeros will be added to the end of their existing registration number. All Employer Account Numbers issued in the new system will be a unique 10-digit number.  All communication issued on or after July 5, 2022 will include the 10-digit Employer Account Number.

Can we use our existing credentials to access ReEmploy CT?

  • No. All employers and Third-Party Administrators (TPA) will have to recredential after July 5, 2022. ReEmploy CT will allow you to designate your entity as an employer or TPA when creating your credential for the first time. However, while multiple users can be logged in simultaneously, only one user ID and password can be established for any one entity, employer or TPA.

What is the required file name for the new UI file for ReEmployCT system?

  • There is not a required file name.  The new file must be a 276-character fixed length text file—it must have a .txt extension.  

Will existing employers with a 7-digit ID need to have their ID updated and zero padded? Or will that ID and format still be used by those employers?

  • The Employer Account Number fields in both the S Record and T Record of the new file format are ten characters long.  Therefore, when filing these two fields with the new 10 digit Employer Account Number, there will be no need to justify to the right or left and no need to pad. 

We will need to add three trailing zeros at the back end, when filing for our employers who currently have a 7 digit ID, issued by your legacy system? Am I understanding correctly?

  • You are correct.

Does the new file format will remove Record F?

  • Yes

Does the new File format include Record F?

  • No

What is the expected record sequence in the new file format?

  • While I have been told by our vendor it does not matter to the system, I would suggest All S records for any given employer followed by their T record. This is similar to the way it is being reported now.

Can Employers and Agents submit Multi Company files and single employer files, Or Are there specific file requirements for Agents and employers?

  • A TPA can file either multi company or single employer files where as a single employer will only file for their entity (see corporate payroll Dept. in following question)

Does the new system support Multi Company files or does the new system expect a single file per company?

  • It supports multi company files. Whether a true TPA or corporate payroll Dept filing for multiple subsidiaries, each would register in the new system as a Third Party Administrator.

Does the new system support files reporting only reimbursable data?

  • Yes, as well as Zero Wage returns for any employer.

Who qualifies as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA)?

  • Any entity that files and/or pays unemployment taxes on behalf of another employer, whether related or not, should register in July as a TPA. This can include, but is not limited to, local, regional and national payroll agencies, CPA’s and/or bookkeepers, as well as corporate payroll departments filing for subsidiaries. By registering as a TPA, the new system will allow you the ability to work on any employer “linked” to your TPA Credentials.

*TPA’s in ReEmployCT are “defined” as agents who submit Wage Reports, Tax Reports, Tax Payments, and/or RB Charge Payments on behalf of their clients.  It does not include agents who handle claims related issues.  There is a separate SIDES application for agents who handle claims related issues.

How does a client get “linked” to my TPA credentials?

Does my client have to be linked to be able to file and pay for them?

  • No, however if you need to file a correction or would like to view the details of their CTDOL Account, your client will have to be linked to your TPA Credentials.

How will credits be displayed on the Quarterly Statement of Charges?

  • If the adjustments/Credits are from prior quarters they will display on Prior Quarter Adjustments column. If these adjustments are within the quarter that is being billed you will see the final charged amount under Amount Charged and if they are totally reversed that Claimant will not appear on this statement.

Will the Statement of Account be available monthly?

  • Yes

If there is a zero balance will there be a Monthly Statement of Account or one will not be available for employer/TPA* to view?

  • If there is no balance or a credit balance only, there will not be a Statement of Account for that month. And if there is one it will be available to each employer/TPA* on their online portal (to same for Statement of Charges).

How will payments and adjustments be displayed on the Reimbursable Monthly Statement of Account?

  • Payments will not display in the Statement of Account as they will simply reduce the balance. Payments made can be viewed online for employer/TPA*.  Adjustments will not display in the Statement of Account (other than reducing overall balance) but each employer/TPA* can view quarterly charges online as they add up on weekly basis.

How do we access the rate exchange? 

  • The Rate Exchange will be accessed through Connecticut’s JScape Server.  The exact details for this process is forthcoming and will be posted to our FAQ’s once they are available. 

Will the rate exchange utilize the existing process, or will it move to the new system? 

  • It is outside of the system.  The exact details for this process is forthcoming and will be posted to our FAQ’s once they are available. 

Will registration be all online or will there be actual letters sent to physical addresses to complete the registrations as well? 

  • The registration process will be entirely online.  

Is there a file size limitation for the wage or payment file? 

  • No there is not. 

Can we get a list of errors for what we can expect for the wage file upload beforehand or is it online now? 

  • As soon as the list is ready, we will post it online and get it to you. Additional details for this process are forthcoming and will be posted to our FAQ’s once they are available. 

Is there a limit to how many files per day can we upload? 

  • No there is not.  

If a TPA accidentally files for a former client; what will happen to the current providers file when they attempt to upload? Will it be rejected, or will the current provider still be able to submit payment for that client? 

  • The simple answer is that whoever files first will be the file that the system accepts and posts. Both payments will be accepted and posted. 

Do we still need to submit the zero returns separately? 

  • No, that is no longer required. 

Would this site be used for the submission of Power of Attorney’s going forward as well as claims correspondence or is this only for processing of quarterly returns?

  • The TPA functionality on the site is for the processing of quarterly returns and payments. 

If a client has an incorrect federal ID within the CTDOL system is there a new way for the client to get that corrected or do they still need to fax paperwork in and wait until it is updated? 

  • With the new system there will be a lot more information available and more self-service features to reduce current dependencies. The client will be able to go in and get those credentials on July 5th. They will have access to a lot more information than they do now. They will be able to look at all the demographic information, addresses, owners, officers the FEIN included and their mate’s code.  

Is the state doing any Beta Testing with a real TPA Company? 

  • There is nothing formal right now as there is not a soft roll out planned. There is some talk about maybe doing something in July. However, we are considering having some TPA’s send us some files via e/mail that we could run through our current test environment and again more information on both the tax and wage report testing and the ACH Credit file testing will be coming up soon. 

Are we working with the major payroll software vendors to ensure that they are up to date with the new functionality?

  • Yes, we have been in contact with them. 

Regarding uploading a file of all our employers: Will we upload that after July 5 to have link to the TPA accounts? 

  • The file information on linking employers to TPAs is going to be an emailed Excel spreadsheet. It will not be a direct upload to the system.  

When TPAs are linked to employers, will prior year information be available for our clients? 

  • Yes, prior information will be available for access. 

Do TPAs need to be linked to an employer to file the tax and wage returns? 

  • No, TPAs DO NOT need to be linked to file tax and wage returns to an employer.  

What would a regular employer filing on their own behalf enter in the Record Five field on the ACH Credit Payment? 

  • A regular employer would just put “TPA”. 

Where can I find information on the rate of exchange? 

  • The details for this process are forthcoming and will be posted to our FAQ’s once they are available. 

Will reimbursed clients be in the new file format?

  • Yes. 

Where is the link for the excel format to link clients and TPA’s? 

  • The exact details for this process are forthcoming and will be posted to our FAQ’s once they are available. 

Do we need individual access to our employer accounts to be able to process the corrections or amendments? 

  • Yes, for corrections or amendments you are making on behalf of the employer you would need to either be linked to that Client (which the Department of Labor can help you with, from July 5th on) or the client would provide you with a sub user account.

What is the process for getting the Excel spreadsheet to link our accounts? Can it be done prior to July 5th, or is it only available after? 

  • The exact details for this process are forthcoming and will be posted to our FAQ’s once they are available. Once the details are shared, you should begin populating the required information and submit it to us after July 5thas will described. 

Do you have a minimum or maximum threshold for the number of clients allowed? 

  • No, there is minimum or maximum threshold. 

How soon can we get advanced copies of all documents that will be changing with the new system so we can attempt to adjust our systems?  

  • The system is online will be available July 5, 2022, early access is unavailable. 

Is there another town hall to be given by the Benefits Lead as there was for the Tax side? When will that be and will it be recorded? 

Is there a formal instruction to be given to employers who are using a TPA for processing unemployment claims which will walk them through their responsibilities and obligations? 

  • Resources are on our website that offer assistance for TPAs and employers. Additional videos and information will continue to be rolled out. 

Are TPA's to be given training and credentials sometime soon?  

  • Credentials are supplied by the employer. We encourage you to watch the town hall videos that are posted and review information on the website. 

Will TPA's who presently have Powers of Attorney in place need to generate new ones for each of the thousands of clients? If not, what will be the process for "grandfathering"? 

  • Nothing changes related to power of attorney. For companies with POA in place, they need to grant sub-user status to TPAs. For new companies, a POA is needed, just as it was before ReEmployCT. 

Are there to be regularly scheduled maintenance downtimes for this new system? If so, what is the planned frequency?  

  • We will notify you of downtime just like we did with the old system. 

Employer Account Number Changes:
The Employer Account field was previously 7 digits. Beginning July 2022, the Employer Account Number field will be 10 digits. 

  • For those employers who were assigned a 7-digit Employer Account Number, 3 zeros will be added to the end of their existing registration number. All Employer Account Numbers issued in the new system will be a unique 10-digit number.  All communication issued on or after July 5, 2022 will include the 10-digit Employer Account Number.

Is the New S Record 64-77 the same as the current S record 132 to 140?  Are the values reported here exactly the same?  

  • Yes and yes.  

I am a Payroll Software Vendor, not a TPA.  How should we report T 88-100 (remittance authorization amount)?  

  • The description of this field begins, “If paying by a bulk ACH Debit Payment”.  Most TPAs pay via ACH Credit so this field would not apply to them.  Very few TPAs pay via ACH Debit and the ones that do are likely not using your product.  If I am wrong and you do have TPAs using your product and they pay via a bulk ACH Debit Payment, then this field should be the amount of UI Contribution Due from the Contributory Employer (Taxable Wages multiplied by their Contribution Rate).

Does your new file format support reporting multiple Employer accounts? If so, do you have directions on that?  

  • Yes, the new file format supports reporting multiple employer accounts.  There are no specific instructions other than what is stated in the bullets of the instructions.  A file for three employers with 2, 4 and 3 employees respectively would simply look like:

Does this go into effect for the 2Q2022 file upload?  

  • Your question is framed around a specific Tax Report quarter so I can’t simply answer yes or no.  The ReEmployCT System and this new format are scheduled to go into effect on July 5, 2022.  So this new format applies to the 2Q2022 due date of 7/31/22 for Contributory Employers and the 8/15/22 due date for Reimbursing Employers.  If your product allows employers to file reports for past quarters, then someone filing a 4Q2021 report on or after July 5, 2022 would need to use this new format.

The current file has the RE, RS and RF record.  Is the new file format consists of ONLY the RS and RT records, Or is it in addition to the RE and RF record?  

  • I’m not sure where you are getting the preceding “R’s”.  Our current format has E, S and F.  The new format will only have S and T.

If employers have to amend or file an original 1st quarter return after July 5th, will they file in the current system or the new ReEmploy CT system?

  • All filings, whether amended or original, will have to be submitted in the new ReEmployCT system after July 5th.

What is the account number format the agency will communicate to employers?  Today the site shows a format of “99-999-99”.  We’d like to show the format in our products in the same way the agency will show the account numbers.   E.g., 1234567-000? Based on the notes and schemas, it seems the agency is NOT issuing new account numbers per se, but instead using former account number and padding it with 3-zeros.  

- Exiting employers will retain their existing account number and we will add 3-zeros to the end.  Their account number will be referred to as Employer Account Number in the new system

- Most correspondence will have a ten-digit Employer Account Number formatted as ##-#####-#-##.  A small number of correspondences will have an eight-digit Employer Account Number format of ##-#####-#.  So, if an employer’s number was 12-345-67 in the old system the new format in the new system would be 12-34567-0-00 or 12-34567-0 depending on the correspondence. 

- All electronic files related to wage reporting, tax reporting, or tax payments will require an Employer Account Number of 10 digits, all numeric, with no dashes.

Is there a chance that you do not go live on your new system on 7/5/2? If so, will your old system be updated to accept the new 10-digit ID for 2Q22 filings?

  • Our agency has been feverishly working on this new system for several years.  It would take something catastrophic for us to not go live on 7/5/22.  Therefore, I would say the chances of us not going live are extremely remote. However, if that catastrophic event did occur, we would not convert our current Legacy system to a 10 Digit EAN or implement any other modifications.

I want to clarify that that third from the last digit will not always be a zero? My initial impression and understanding was that three trailing zeros would be added to new employer accounts in the new system.

  • Employers who are registered in our current Legacy system will have their seven-digit Employer Registration Number converted to a ten-digit Employer Account Number and we will do that by adding three trailing zeros to their current seven-digit number.  Employers who register in the new ReEmployCT System will receive a ten-digit Employer Account Number.  So, to clarify, the third from last digit will not always be a zero after we go live because that digit can be zero through nine for Employer Account Numbers assigned by the new ReEmployCT System.

Currently we have our system set up that Connecticut recognizes out of state wages. The wages which are counted towards CT taxable wage base. Can you confirm if there will be any changes to the rules for out of state wages. 

  • CT will continue to recognize out of stages.  As such, there will not be a change to the rules for out of state wages.

Does the File an Appeal option refer to eligibility? 

  • This option is an employer log-in screen, only avail to the employer, allowing them to file appeals benefit or tax appeals. All appeal types (Claimant eligibility, Tax appeals, etc.) are all available via self-service. 

Does the Notice of Claim File have a claim effective date? 

  • Yes, it is labeled Claim Begin Date.

This question was related to for UI21A Notice of Claim Filed and Request for Information: Will this form be required if responding through SIDES?  

  • It will not be required. Only the SIDES request for separation information will be required.  

Is there a "find" or search button to look up individual client names rather than docket etc?

  • At this time, the ability to search for client names is not in ReEmployCT.   

Approximately, when do you envision TPA's having the ability to file appeals online?  

  • This is a high-priority item for the Appeals Division. We cannot provide a timeline, but it is in our immediate focus after the system goes live in July. 

Am I correct that there are basically 2 ways for us to receive determinations?

  • This is correct. If the employer chooses mail, the decision will be mailed to UTMC, if we are AOR. If the employer chooses email the correspondence is then sent to the employer’s email. If the employer chooses to receive notification by email, then the employer must alert us when they received each correspondence.  

Is my understanding correct that if the employer does not make us a sub-user or does not want to give us their credentials, we will continue to receive and handle claims, decisions, etc. the same way we do now?  

  • For the Appeals Division – yes. Distribution of documentation to TPAs would be through USPS. Similarly, the submission of appeals would continue through the existing means available today (mail, fax, in-person, via DOL website). 

With employer adding TPAS as Users are POAs required? 

  • No, if they are adding an additional user, POAs not required.

At the appeal and decision screen, is there a search function to look at names of claimed vs docket numbers?  

  • Not right now. The number is the only thing you search currently. 

Can an employer list their agent's email address as the address where the notification will be sent?  

  • The Appeals Division will continue to utilize USPS when providing documentation acknowledgment letters, hearing notices, decisions, etc.), to the agents’ address of record. 

How will they continue receiving things that are currently on file?  

  • Even if the employer doesn't create a portal account, the decision will go out receiving notices and 4 regular methods of filing appeals Is not going away.

What is time period now to file an appeal? Is it still 21 days?   

  • The appeal period for the administrator-level decisions is still 21 days. 

There was an ‘Add TPA’ Agent option. Does that mean that as a TPA agent we can create a profile and have all of our employers available under the one TPA credential?

  • There is an option for a TPA to create an Account. The option is for a TPA who files tax and wage reports only. Once they create an account there will be functionality for the employer and TPA to be link. Once linked the TPA will have the employers info that they are linked to.

Is there a way for all clients of a particular (Benefit) TPA to become a user for all the clients that have current POA on file and already have the address record of those CT employers?

  • A benefit TPA can only become a user of their client if the client adds them as an additional user. 

For July and August what should employers tell clients- that TPA continues to receive all the determinations they have been receiving so they can continue coming in the mail because if they choose electronically they'll go to the employer and they'll have to reach out to the TPA? Is this correct?  

  • The mailing address that is currently on file will be migrated to the new system. All mailings will continue to be mailed to that address until the employer changes their address or signs up for email notifications. If they sign up for electronic notification they will be emailed informing them that a new correspondence is available. They would then to log into their account to view/retrieve correspondence. If you are the address of record and want to continue to be you certainly can tell your client to keep everything as is.

Will there be a TPA portal in the new system that will allow TPA to view, and access info for a group of employers i.e. their client employers that whom they have valid POAs for?

  • There is a TPA portal in the new system. The TPA would have access to their clients account once they are linked to their clients account. This functionality is only available for a TPA who files tax and wage reports for their client.

Why did I receive a UI-21A Notice to Employer of Claim Filed if the claimant filed in different state?

  • Because you may have a proportionate charge for any benefit received by the claimant, even if the claimant filed in a different state, it is important you have an opportunity to provide information on the employee’s claim for unemployment benefits and other information on record that could affect the claimant’s eligibility and any charges attributed to you.

    If you wish to protest the possible charges, it is very important that you respond to the UI-21A in a timely and thorough manner.  

Why am I being charged for benefits paid by another state? 

  • All employers may be held liable for benefits paid to an employee, whether those are paid in or out of state. When benefits are paid out of state, however, you will be provided with a statement of charges on a quarterly basis rather than on a weekly basis. 

CTDOL found that I did not provide information when requested by the Department. Now I am being charged. How can I appeal this? 

  • It is very important to respond to all requests for information from the Department. However, if you learn in a Referee’s decision that you are being charged for not providing important information to the Department, you can appeal online, by fax, or in person within 21 days of the Referee decision.

If I appeal a chargeability decision, how will this affect my annual charge rate? 

  • Both taxable and reimbursable employers will be charged and billed while their appeal and/or protest is pending. 

So what does this mean? Will I receive a credit if the decision is reversed?

  • If you receive a decision in your favor, you will receive a credit that will be applied to the quarter in which the decision was issued, rather than the quarter in which the benefits were paid. This credit will be used in the calculation of future tax rates.

    This means that the annual contribution rate will be based upon charges that are “on the books” as of June 30th of the preceding year, even if an appeal on those charges is pending. There are no separate appeal rights associated with the calculation of the annual contribution rate.

    Reimbursing employers will receive a credit in the event of a reversal of charges.