Restricted-Use Dealer Registration

3/11/2021, E-License, a new online licensing service is now live and accepting applications for Restricted-use Dealers. If you already have a Connecticut pesticide certification please contact us by email for your login information. If you do not already have an account follow the instructions below, please read carefully.Updated Quick Links 

Who needs to become a restricted use dealer?
All persons who wish to sell or distribute Restricted-Use or Permit-Use pesticides in the State of Connecticut must initially pass an exam offered by the department and register annually with the department.
*Please note that reporting requirements have been changed for 2021-2022 reporting year that will continue going forward. These are reflected on the end of year report linked above.

2023 Restricted Use Dealer Informational Seminar
In March of 2023, the Pesticide Management Program held a virtual seminar for Restricted Use Dealers. It covers FIFRA revisions and the impact these changes will have on restricted use pesticide sales and reporting requirements. It will also review changes to the appearance of pesticide certifications, certification type and category limitations, how to verify certifications, create rosters of RU pesticides (state and federal), reporting requirements for the sales of RU pesticides, and storage and disposal.

We recorded this seminar. It is available to watch here: View Restricted Use Dealer Seminar Recording

Filling out your Sales Report (guidance on 2021-2022 updates)

  • Please make sure to fill out all of the information on your sales report
  • We now ask that you check each individuals pesticide certification, and drivers license or governmental ID.
  • You need to check the pesticide certification to make sure the individual is certified, check and make sure they have not expired. You are also looking to see which categories they are certified in. You can only sell them products that pertain to the categories they are certified in. (EXAMPLE if they are certified in Rodent (7D), then you should not sell them products to be used on a golf course)
  • The Drivers License should be checked to make sure that the name on their pesticide certification matched, and their picture is of them. (We want to make sure individuals are not using someone else's certification to buy products)
How to Generate a Roster (this is where you will be able to see if a person is certified, in which categories, and what their expiration date and information is)
  • Go to and click online services> generate roster(s)
  • Scroll down to and click on Pesticide Management Program
  • Click on the criteria that you are looking for (likely active commercial pesticide supervisors or active private applicators)
  • Scroll down more and click continue
  • Select the format you would like, and then click download
  • Open the document and view your information!
Registering for the Exam

Exam Process

Once you sign up for an exam on elicense, you will be enrolled in an exam. Within 3-10 days you will get an email from Everblue. Everblue is our exam proctoring service.

Everblue will email asking you to pay a $21 fee to take the exam on their website. Once you pay that fee, you will have 60 days to take the exam on their website.

*The exam must be taken within 90 days, otherwise the Pesticide Management can deny your application and you will have to pay the exam fee again*

For more information, please email the Pesticide Management Program at


Content last updated May 2, 2023