Aquatic Pesticide Application

Regulates the use of chemicals proposed for introduction into the waters of the state, whether public or private, for control of aquatic organisms. These organisms are usually aquatic weeds or algae, but could include mosquitoes or unwanted fish. Applications are evaluated for the potential of causing unreasonable adverse effects to human health or the environment. Only chemicals registered for aquatic sites may be used.

Useful Links

Aquatic Pesticide Application Fact Sheet Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Management: A Guidebook

Application for Use of Pesticides in State Waters

Instructions for completing an application for use of pesticides in state waters

Other Required Common Forms

Applicant Compliance Form Instructions

Request for Natural Diversity Database (NDDB) Review Instructions

Land Management Request for State Owned Land or Water Instructions

Re-introduction of Pesticides into State Waters

This application should be submitted in years 2 and 3 of multi-year permits.

Re-introduction of pesticides into State Waters Application Instructions

Aquatic Permit Holder Year End Report

Year End Report Template

Other information

Memorandum of Agreement with Department of Public Health and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection on the use of pesticides within public water supply areas and near public water supply wells

Summaries of Methoprene/Resmethrin Use to Control Mosquitoes in the Coastal Areas

General permit for the use of aquatic pesticides (pending)

General permit current draft

Recordings of stakeholder meetings


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Content last updated November 21, 2023.