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Connecticut is full of diverse fishing opportunities. Look below for information to help you start your Connecticut fishing adventure, including where to fish, what fish you are likely to find there, and more to keep you safe and successful on the water. 

Check out our Trout Stocking Report for the latest trout stocking information!

Fishing Guides and Publications

Check out our online Freshwater Fishing Guide or Saltwater Fishing Guide to have all of the important information at your fingertips.

More fishing info from our partners with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation: Take Me Fishing | Vamos a Pescar

Fish Distribution Report Annual report of the number of each species stocked into each waterbody

Learn To Fish

The CARE program offers FREE introductory fishing classes. Check out our DIY videos and our Let's Go Fishing workbook.

Interactive Maps

Connecticut is Fishy This interactive application will cover everything you need for fishing in Connecticut! From species you can catch, where to go, fishing license information and more - Connecticut is Fishy has you covered!

Interactive Trout Stocking Map: This interactive map shows all trout stocking locations around Connecticut, access points for fishing, and days since each waterbody was last stocked

Saltwater Fishing Map This interactive saltwater fishing application has it all – from places to fish, where to launch a boat, bait and tackle shops, party and charter fishing boats, coastal access, and more!

Where to Fish

Trout Parks designed to enhance trout fishing opportunities and success for young and novice anglers, Trout Parks are stocked frequently in spring and fall. 

Community Fishing Waters established to promote natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities within Connecticut’s major population centers and urban neighborhoods. Community Fishing Waters are stocked with trout and/or channel catfish.

Enhanced Opportunity Shore Access These designated saltwater shore fishing locations have great public access and reduced length limits for summer flounder and scup to increase opportunity to bring dinner home!

Fishing Areas With Disabled Access Enjoy fishing without having to stress about getting to the spot

Trout and Salmon

Trout Management Areas Year-round trout fishing opportunities and high catch-rates can be found at our Trout Management Areas (TMAs)! 

Wild Trout Management Areas Your chance to catch one of Connecticut's most beautiful looking trout.

Trout Management Lakes Scenic lakes offering some quality fishing for a potential large hold-over trout

Kokanee Salmon Lakes Only two lakes east of the Mississippi have a Kokanee salmon fishery, both are here in CT!

Atlantic Salmon Management Areas Two sections of river where you have the chance to catch the king of gamefish

Bass, Pike, Walleye, and Friends

Bass Management Lakes A variety of options for landing one of the most sought after gamefish in Connecticut

Northern Pike Management Waters Offer the chance to land one of the largest freshwater gamefish

Walleye Management Waters Your chance to land a delicious meal from one of the country's most popular gamefish

Channel Catfish Waters Quality and Quantity in these waters stocked with farm-raised channel catfish

Common Carp Trophy-sized at that!

Where to Fish find additional maps and places to fish in the inland and coastal waters of Connecticut.


Trophy Fish Award Program

Freshwater State Records

Saltwater State Records

Youth and Women's Saltwater Trophy Fish Records

Marine Fish Trophy Award Brochure

Bait and Tackle Shops

More Information

How Much Does Your Fish Weigh?

How Old is Your Fish?

How to Catch Saltwater Fish

Ice Safety

Tips for Better Catch and Release

Important Information on Sea Turtles 

Volunteer Opportunities

Weekly Fishing Report

Whale Watching Guidelines 

Trout and Salmon Stamp


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