Enhancing Permit Assistance Through Pre-Application & Client Concierge Services

While some projects are more straightforward, requiring only a pre-application meeting to get started, more complex projects may include multiple permits, are time-sensitive, or have complicated application requirements, and therefore require more coordination with DEEP. From pre-application permit assistance to the Client Concierge Service, DEEP offers a range of customer support to help you navigate the environmental permitting path.

Pre-Application Permit Assistance

DEEP‘s permitting support starts before you even begin your application. Request a pre-application meeting where you’ll consult with permitting specialists to clarify requirements, learn what to expect throughout the permitting process, and get answers to any questions. After the meeting, applicants have an opportunity to take a short customer satisfaction survey. Here are the latest survey results, which have shown consistent results over the years:




“I was very impressed with the meeting and the true professionalism of its attendees.”

“Very professional and easy to communicate with. Very open-minded regulators and creative suggestions for complying.”

"I have permitted waste handling facilities in other states, none in Connecticut, I have to compliment the way this Pre-application meeting was coordinated, managed and the level of participation. The departments were well prepared, and we signed-off knowing the expectations and the parameters of attaining the permits we would be seeking. Thank you to the group of professionals that were involved. It would be hard to recommend any improvements as it was very fluid."

"I have applied for many permits over the past and the pre-application process is new to me. I think this is a great idea as most people applying for a permit do not understand that other permits maybe required prior to their starting. Your quick response to my questionnaire in setting up a meeting was greatly appreciated. A timely response is everything to an applicant in the private sector. I was very impressed with the meeting and the true professionalism of its attendees."

"Very smooth & positive experience. Valuable discussion which led to an improved understanding of the necessary permits, processes & people involved in energy storage development."

"This process is excellent, I have dealt with many other agencies around the tristate area, and this is the first one that provides this service. I was pleasantly surprised that the agency was truly interested in protecting the environment while helping with the progress of a project. Thank you and keep up the good work!" 

Client Concierge Service

For more complex, multi-permit projects, DEEP’s Client Concierge Service provides you with an added layer of support to guide your project through the permitting process. The Client Concierge Service will facilitate communication between you and various permit programs, assist in sequencing permits, and if applicable, follow up with stakeholders within DEEP and with other state agencies.



Ways to connect with Client Concierge Team

•     Contact the team at DEEP.Concierge@ct.gov
•     To learn more, visit the Client Concierge Website
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