Improving Transparency Around Regulations and Public Participation

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Step 1:
Evaluation of the need to create or revise regulations.
Step 2:
Regulation drafting.
Step 3:
DEEP managers and legal review, may include input from an advisory group.
Step 4:
Office of Policy and Management/Office of the Governor review regulations for policy and fiscal impacts.
Step 5:
Public can provide written comment and in some instances attend a public hearing.
Step 6:
Review by Attorney General’s Office.
Step 7:
DEEP submits final draft of regulation with any changes based on comments received from members of the public and the administration.
Step 8:
DEEP submits regulations to legislative regulations review committee for their consideration.
Step 9:
Upon receiving approval from the Legislative Regulations Review Committee (LRRC), DEEP submits its final regulation to be posted on the Secretary of State’s eRegulations System.

DEEP is committed to making the environmental rulemaking process as transparent and participatory as possible. We ensure the public is properly notified of regulatory proposals and has an opportunity to comment on those proposals. This multi-step process goes through various governmental offices for their review and approval. All approved regulations are filed with the Office of the Secretary of the State (SOTS) and can be reviewed on the SOTS eRegulations System.

Public Comment

DEEP encourages public participation in its regulatory activities. DEEP issues a “Notice of Intent to Adopt/Amend Regulations," to begin the public portion of the rulemaking process. The public is given a minimum of thirty days to submit comments, beginning the day notice is posted to the SOTS eRegulations System. Written comments should be submitted through the SOTS eRegulations System. If commenting through SOTS is not accessible, written comments may be submitted to DEEP by mail, email, or hand-delivery.

A hearing may be held if properly requested or at DEEP’s own initiative. Oral comment is only received if an agency holds a public hearing. 

How DEEP Addresses Public Comments

DEEP prepares a Hearing Report summarizing any comments received at the end of the public comment period, drafts a final proposed regulation and revised fiscal note that is sent to the Office of the Attorney General before going to the Legislative Regulations Review Committee ("LRRC") for review. 

Review Active Regulations by Category

On the Secretary of State’s website, you can review all pending regulations in progress and browse or search DEEP’s final approved regulations. You can also search the DEEP website for information on final agency regulations.
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•   Agency Regulations by citation

DEEP offers many opportunities for stakeholders to participate in shaping our policies and regulations, ranging from working groups and advisory committees to other recurring discussions. Refer to our Stakeholder Outreach and Participation Through DEEP webpage for a current list of opportunities.

You can view and comment on the regulations DEEP currently has in the public comment process and beyond through the links below.

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[includes Clean Air Interstate Rule, New Source, Other Air Requirements, Permit by Rule, Title V and Title IV]

Definition of Hazardous Air Pollutant and Miscellaneous Revisions

RSCA § 22a-174-1, 22a-174-3a, 22a-174-3b, 22a-174-3c, 22a-174-3d, 22a-174-29, 22a-174-33, 22a-174-33a, 22a-174-33b

Type: New Regulation

Regulation Status: Step 8

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2023-007

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


Definition of Non-attainment Areas for Ozone and Miscellaneous Revisions

RSCA § 22a-174-1

Type: New Regulation

Regulation Status: Step 9 Final Approved Regulation (11/13/23)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2022-023

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


Amendment of Sections 22e and 22f

RSCA § 22a-174-22e, 22a-174-22f

Type: Amendment

Regulation Status: Step 9 Final Approved Regulation (11/13/23)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2023-027

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site

Advanced Clean Cars II

RSCA § 22a-174-36d

Type: New Regulation

Regulation Status: Agency withdrawal from LLRC (11/28/2023)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2023-023

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


Adoption of 22a-174-37 Medium and Heavy-duty Emission Standards

RSCA § 22a-174-37

Type: New Regulation

Regulation Status:  Agency withdrawal from LLRC (11/28/2023)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2023-020

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


No pending regulations.

[includes Boating, Fisheries, Forestry, Hunting, Parks, Wildlife]

Amendment to Certified Forest Practitioner Regulations

RSCA § 23-65h-1 (l) (o) (q) (r) (s)

Type: Amendment

Regulation Status: Step 9 - Final Approved Regulation (1/18/24)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2023-001

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site




Amendment to Licensing Electric Suppliers

RSCA § 16-245-1, 16-245-2, 16-245-3, 16-245-4, 16-245-6

Type: Amendment

Regulation Status: Step 7

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2020-007

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


Gas Pipeline Safety Standards

RSCA §§16-11-4, 16-11-10, 16-11-11, 16-11-12, 16-11-17, 16-11-19, 16-11-20, 16-11-22, 16-11-31, 16-11-40, 16-11-41, 16-11-42, 16-11-43, 16-11-46, 16-16-2,

Type: Amendment and new §§16-280b-A1 to 16-280b-A76, inclusive

Regulation Status: Step 6 Agency Withdraws Temporarily (1/26/24)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2023-019

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


Adoption of § 19-24-1 et seq. Use, Control and Possession of Ionizing Radiation

RSCA §§ 19-24-1 through 19-24-14; 19-25a-1 through 19-25a-5; 19-25d-1 through 19-25d-11; 22a-153-1 through 22a-153-9

Type: New Regulation

Regulation Status:  Step 5 Comment Period Closed (1/29/24)

eRegulations Tracking Number: PR2021-040

Link to eRegulations system on SOTS site


[includes Composting, Hazardous Waste, Household and Business Waste, Marine Terminals, Pesticides, Recycling and Beneficial Use, Soil Management, Solid Waste]

No pending regulations.


[includes Stormwater, Water Discharges, Wastewater]

No pending regulations.


[includes Aquifer Protection, Coastal Activities, Dam Safety, Flood Management, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses, Remediation, Water Diversion]

No pending regulations.