The Division of Criminal Justice is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal matters in the State of Connecticut.



VR-99 $185,570 Annually / $7732.09 Bi-Monthly


Pursuant to Article XXIII of the Connecticut Constitution, the State’s Attorney shall be in charge of the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters within a Judicial District.  The State’s Attorney plans, organizes and directs the operation of the Judicial District; prosecutes the most complex or sensitive cases; serves as a member of the senior management team of the Division of Criminal Justice (Division); and acts on behalf of the Division and the people who reside within the Judicial District.


Unclassified/Exempt; this is an appointed position which serves for a term of eight (8) years.


Directs all assigned Judicial District staff.


  • plans, organizes, directs, assigns and evaluates the work of attorneys engaged in prosecuting criminal cases in Judicial District and Geographical Area courts;
  • assigns and rotates staff to assure that the difficulty and complexity of cases match the skill level of assigned attorney;
  • sets objectives and performance standards;
  • assures that staff is trained; serves as a member of the senior management team to conduct long range planning and formulate and set policies and procedures;
  • prosecutes complex and sensitive cases;
  • coordinates investigations and prosecutions with other state and federal law enforcement agencies;
  • keeps abreast of the law and provides guidance and direction for staff and law enforcement agencies; in complex cases approves recommendations of subordinate staff regarding when to prosecute, compromise, dismiss or retry;
  • interacts with the press and public on matters of public concern;
  • represents the Division at meetings and conferences;
  • conducts community outreach within Judicial District to better be aware of and respond to the needs of the local community;
  • ensures that Judicial District staff is properly trained to understand unique cultural and social challenges in Judicial District;
  • acts as a resource to staff, other agencies and local law enforcement, prepares correspondence and reports;
  • attends and/or conducts meetings and conferences; and
  • Performs related duties as required (see disclaimer).


Operations and Administration:

  • Considerable knowledge of and the ability to apply the law;
  • Considerable knowledge of criminal procedure and the rules of evidence;
  • Considerable knowledge of legal research methods;
  • Considerable knowledge of effective courtroom presentation techniques and procedures;
  • Understanding and ability to apply the principles and practices of supervision and training;
  • Understanding and ability to apply the principles and practices of organization and management;
  • Working knowledge of work organization, simplification and layout;
  • Working knowledge of the legislative process;
  • Familiarity with civil law including employment and labor law;
  • Familiarity with governmental budgeting procedures;
  • Familiarity with governmental organization and functional responsibilities.


Three (3) years of experience practicing law.  Must be admitted to practice law in the State of Connecticut.


Residency in the State of Connecticut is required at the time of appointment.

State’s Attorneys devote their full time to the duties of their Office.  They may not otherwise engage in the practice of law and may not be a partner, member or associate of a law firm.


This job description is not intended to be an inclusive listing of all activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of this position.  Duties, responsibilities and activities may be added or changed at any given time with or without notice.