Gail P. Hardy Appointed State's Attorney for Judicial District of Hartford

The Honorable Richard N. Palmer, Chairman of the Criminal Justice Commission, announced today the Commission has appointed Gail Hardy as State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Hartford.

Attorney Hardy, an 11-year veteran of the Division of Criminal Justice, is the first African American appointed to the position of State’s Attorney in Connecticut history. The appointment was by a unanimous vote of the Criminal Justice Commission meeting today at the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in Rocky Hill.

The appointment is effective August 1, 2007. Attorney Hardy succeeds James E. Thomas, who is retiring at the end of this month after nearly 30 years as a prosecutor, and 14 as State’s Attorney in Hartford.

“The Commission congratulates Attorney Hardy on her historic appointment,” Justice Palmer said. “We are confident that she will be a strong addition to the Division of Criminal Justice senior management team.”

“We also wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Mr. Thomas for his long and dedicated service to the State of Connecticut and the interests of justice and to wish him the very best in all future endeavors,” Justice Palmer said.

Justice Palmer expressed the Commission’s gratitude to all who applied for the position of State’s Attorney. “These candidates were exceptionally well qualified, which made this a difficult decision. The Commission wishes to thank these outstanding public servants for the work they have done and will continue to do,” he said.

Mr. Thomas was last reappointed State’s Attorney in 2004. Attorney Hardy will serve the remainder of the current eight-year term for the office, which expires on June 30, 2012.

As State’s Attorney Ms. Hardy will be the chief law enforcement officer in the Judicial District of Hartford, which includes the capital city and 18 surrounding communities. The State’s Attorney oversees more than 70 employees at the Judicial District courthouse in Hartford, Geographical Area courts in Enfield, Hartford and Manchester and the Juvenile Court and Community Court in Hartford.

Attorney Hardy joined the Division of Criminal Justice as a Deputy Assistant State's Attorney at Geographical Area No. 4 in Waterbury in February 1996. She was advanced to Assistant State's Attorney in March 1998.

She transferred to the State’s Attorney’s Office for the Judicial District of Waterbury (Part A) in February 2000, and was designated Senior Assistant State's Attorney in April 2006. Prior to joining the Division of Criminal Justice, she had previous experience as a probation officer and a public defender.

The Criminal Justice Commission was established by Article XXIII of the Connecticut Constitution and is responsible for the appointment of all state prosecutors in Connecticut with the exception of juvenile prosecutors. It is chaired by Justice Palmer, an Associate Justice of the state Supreme Court.

In addition to Justice Palmer, the Commission members are the Honorable Thomas A. Bishop, Judge of the Appellate Court, attorneys Garrett M. Moore, Ann G. Taylor, Alfred A. Turco and Maura H. Horan, and Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane.