Judiciary Committee - March 9, 2011 - H.B. No. 6475

Testimony of the Division of Criminal Justice

In opposition to:

H.B. No. 6475 (RAISED) : An Act Concerning Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Joint Committee on Judiciary

March 9, 2011

The Division of Criminal Justice respectfully recommends the Committee take no action on H.B. No. 6475, An Act Concerning Mandatory Minimum Sentences. As apparent from the mere length of the bill, there are many sections of existing statute providing for mandatory minimum sentences. These provisions apply to a wide variety of situations and conduct and are the result of many years – decades, in fact – of consideration and deliberation on the part of the General Assembly. It would not seem prudent to sweep the slate clean with one broad brush as proposed in H.B. 6475. The Division of Criminal Justice would respectfully suggest that should the Committee believe that a comprehensive review of mandatory minimum sentences is in order, that the task be assigned to the Sentencing Commission established pursuant to Public Act 10-129, since codified as Section 54-300 and effective on February 1, 2011.