General Summary & Overview

Connecticut's Regional Councils of Government (COGs) collect digital parcel files and standardized property assessment data (CAMA) from each of their member municipalities by May 1st annually, pursuant to Section 7-100l of the Connecticut General Statutes. Through the voluntary cooperation of the COGs, OPM obtains copies of these datasets and makes them available for public download in several formats.

OPM does not modify any of the parcel data files received from the COGs and only integrates the data into a standardized formatThe spatial accuracy and completeness of the data can vary by COG and by municipality.

Previous years’ parcel data is accessible through the following links:

CT Geodata Portal Parcel Viewer Open Data Portal

Submittal Process - Important Notes for Municipalities

To comply with CGS Sec. 7-100l(b), municipalities must submit two separate files:

  • One file for digital parcels.

  • One file for a standardized CAMA report

  • One file containing metadata information (Containing the following):
    • Digital Parcel File and the reference date (current as of when)
    • OPM – 7-100L CAMA report and the reference date (current as of when – OPM is requesting the report as of October 1, 2023).
    • Name and email address of the municipal contact for the parcel file(s)
    • Name and email address of the municipal contact for the CAMA report.
    • The field(s) used for linking your Digital Parcels to CAMA and vice-versa.
    • CAMA Vendor and Software Name Version.

  • Online Metadata Form

Follow the instructions below to submit each file.

CAMA Report

Previous years’ parcel data is accessible through the following links:
Municipalities must provide a standardized CAMA report prescribed by the Office of Policy and Management (OPM). The report is titled "OPM 7-100L" in most CAMA systems but may go by a different name depending on how the vendor has it configured. Vendor-specific instructions for running the report are available. Tax assessors should contact their CAMA vendors for additional assistance running the report, if needed. Compliance with CGS Sec. 1-217 regarding the non-disclosure of residential addresses of certain individuals should be ensured before the report is run. The CAMA report must be submitted as a .CSV file. No other file format will be accepted.
Vendor-Specific Instructions

Instructions are provided to assist municipal tax assessors with the requirement to submit a standardized CAMA report in accordance with CGS Sec. 7-100l.

Links to Files:

Digital Parcel File

Our primary focus is to process essential data related to parcels accurately. By providing the information in the schema below, we aim to provide the state with a comprehensive and reliable database, for public use.

Please provide the following information for this year's (2024) Digital Parcel Collection:
  • Object ID: (default field) unique identifier for each town.
  • Shape Area: (default field) The area covered by the parcel’s geographical shape.
  • Shape Length: (default field) the perimeter or length of a town’s geographical shape.
  • Parcel ID: (additional Field) unique Identification for parcels.
  • Town Name: (additional Field) The town the property resides in.
  • Editor: (additional Field) Name or identifier of the person responsible for editing the data.
  • Edit Date: (additional Field) Date when the data was last edited or updated.
  • Editor Comment: (additional Field) Comments or notes regarding the changes made to the data.
  • Location: (additional Field) Geographical location of the parcel, providing an address
  • Parcel Type: (additional Field) categorization of other types of parcels, such as standard parcel, row, water, private road, paper road.
  • Unit Type: (additional Field) specifies the type of unit associated with the parcel. Such as Apartment, Condominium, Single Family.
  • Link (Link to CAMA field): (additional Field) Link used to match Parcel data back to the CAMA data.
  • Links to Files:

    Please ensure that the above information is accurate and comprehensive. We have provided a File Geodatabase for you to append to. If you are not able to use the File Geodatabase, we have also provided a CSV to complete the data crosswalk. This crosswalk will allow for the reconciliation of different data schemas for aggregation. This data is essential for mapping, assessment, and analysis purposes, and will contribute to a thorough understanding of your town within Connecticut. Complying with this request helps us produce a complete and timely state parcel dataset for the year.

    Transmittal to COGs

    Once your municipality has prepared a digital parcel file and a CAMA report, transmit the files to the COG of which your municipality is a member (see contact information in the table below).


    Also, include the following information in your transmittal:


    • The name and contact information of the person or organization responsible for maintaining the digital parcel file for the municipality (in-house staff, GIS vendor, COG, etc.)

    • The reference date for the digital parcel file (current as of when)

    • The name and version # of the CAMA software used to generate the CAMA report.

    • The reference date for the CAMA report (current as of when)


    COG Staff Contact E-Mail
    CRCOG Erik Snowden
    MetroCOG Mark Hoover
    NECCOG Jim Larkin
    NHCOG Jean Speck
    NVCOG Glenda Prentiss
    RiverCOG Kevin Armstrong
    SCCOG Jessica Cobb
    SCRCOG Christopher Rappa
    WestCOG Nicholas Trabka

    COG Report

    Council of Governments (COGs) Report

    Pursuant to CGS Sec. 7-100l(c), COGs must submit a report by July 1 annually that lists each town that (1) has failed to provide its digital parcel file, and (2) does not possess a digital parcel file. A copy of the report must be sent to the Secretary of OPM and to the Planning and Development Committee of the General Assembly. OPM has prescribed a reporting template for COGs to use to achieve consistent reporting across COGs. COG staff should contact CT GIS Office at for instructions on preparing and submitting this report.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    OPM is requesting the report as of October 1, 2023, If that is not possible please put the date the data was downloaded on.
    If the suppression field is missing , please contact customer support for your vendor.