Important Guidance for Agency Data Users

Guidance for State Agency Staff

The DAPA unit provides guidance documents and other resources to Agency Data Officers and publishers on the Connecticut Open Data Portal. This includes information on the Agency Data Officer role and responsibilities, data inventory information, info for Open Data Portal users, and data sharing resources.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and requests for any additional content you feel would benefit the data community. Please send your ideas to Scott Gaul, Chief Data Officer at DAPA.

Agency Data Resources
Open Data Portal User Guide
Open Data Portal User Guide
Check out this comprehensive guide for using metadata, data aggregation, publishing and retiring data, and measuring open data use.
  • What is an Agency Data Officer? 
    Learn how agency data officers support agency strategy by defining, communicating, and implementing data governance and management procedures.
  • Resources for Agency Data Users 
    Read how to compile high value data inventories and develop an open data access plan that increases accountability and drives the agency’s mission.
Data Sharing

Data Sharing Playbook 

Check out this comprehensive resource for helping agencies share data effectively and appropriately.

Data Sharing Resources 

Find info on legal issues around data sharing, and learn how leveraging multi-agency data improves program administration, policy analysis, and research.