Gender and Racial Composition of Connecticut State Boards and Commissions

2021 Reporting for state boards, commissions, committees and councils is now open!

Representation on Connecticut’s boards and commissions matters. One of Connecticut’s strengths is our diversity, and our boards and commissions should strive to incorporate that diversity into their membership. Although this report shows that our boards and commissions have become more diverse over time, we still have a way to go until their membership fully represents the strength of Connecticut. 
- Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill

Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Title 4 Section 9b, appointed state boards and commissions have been required to report for close to three decades, in writing, the gender and racial makeup of their board or commission to the Office of the Secretary of the State. This statute also requires appointing authorities for the state’s boards and commissions to make a good faith effort for their appointee to those boards and commissions to reflect the gender and racial diversity of Connecticut. This report reflects the 160 boards and commissions that participated in the survey sent by the Secretary to Connecticut’s 256 appointed boards and commissions. The report represents one data set, and could not possibly tell the whole story of how Connecticut’s boards and commissions integrate diverse viewpoints into their decision-making.

Secretary Merrill has invited the various appointing authorities, including the Offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and legislative leadership of all four caucuses, as well as interested legislative stakeholders like the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus and the Women’s Caucus, to meet and discuss the report’s findings.