Until further notice, a Shut-off Moratorium is in place for all customers of utilities regulated by PURA. For more information contact your utility or Consumer Affairs. PURA COVID actions.

The Authority has indefinitely suspended the paper copy filing requirement. Anyone filing material with the Authority should file only an electronic copy through the PURA Web Filing System. The Authority is updating its paper copy filing requirements and will update its website shortly. Electronic Filing

Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that I can now change electric suppliers. Can I do this?
Yes, you do have the option of changing electric suppliers. Shop for another electric supplier.

What is the Winter Moratorium?
The Winter Moratorium is the time period from November 1 through May 1 when customers who are deemed a "hardship case" (because of income or illness) can not have their utility service terminated if they lack the financial ability to pay their entire bill for gas or electric service. The customer is required to apply to the company with proof of hardship, at which time if the requirements are met, the customer's account is put into protected status.

What are the rules for shutoffs of gas, electric, water and telephone service?
See the Department's regulations on termination of service.

Who do I call if I have a complaint regarding the solar panels installed at my home or business? 
The PURA does not have jurisdiction over the solar panel companies or the installers of solar panels.  If you have a complaint regarding solar panels installers or installation, consumers are advised to contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection at 800-842-2649.  Consumers may also contact the Office of the Attorney General at 860-808-5318.

How do I get my name on the Do Not Call List (for telephone solicitation)?
You can get your name on the list through the National Do Not Call Registry.

Where can I get information on docket #XX-XX-XX?
You can access pending or recently decided cases within PURA active dockets.  You can access older dockets within PURA inactive dockets.

If you need assistance in locating documents on the web, or that are not available electronically, call the Executive Secretary's Office, 860-827-2836.

Where can I get copies of annual reports for Connecticut based utility companies?
Most annual reports can be viewed online.  Alternatively, PURA can provide you with a copy of the annual report of any Connecticut utility company or competitive telecommunications carrier for a copying fee of $.25 per page. Call 1-800-382-4586 to order.

What is slamming?
Slamming is the unauthorized illegal switch of a customer’s utility service.  Specifically, slamming can involve the unauthorized switch of a customer’s competitive electric generation service or their local or long distance telephone service.

If you believe your electric generation service or your telephone service has been switched without your consent or authorization, you may contact the PURA to file a complaint (1-800-382-4586) or file a complaint using the online complaint form.

Where can I find more information on the transition of video broadcast signals from analog to digital?
The FCC mandated June 12, 2009 as the last date that analog broadcast signals would be available. The Federal Communications Commission has set up the following website to help consumers better understand the digital television transition: www.dtv.gov.

Content last updated July 2020