Board and Commissions

Connecticut state statutes provide that the State Treasurer, in addition to responsibilities related to the operations of the State Treasury and as principal fiduciary of the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds, serves as a member, ex-officio member, or can designate a representative, on a number of State boards and commissions. Those boards are listed below, along with links to web sites where more information about their operations is available.


Banking Commission

The Banking Commission approves all applications for the creation of state banks or trust companies. CT Department of Banking


State Bond Commission

The State Bond Commission is empowered under the Connecticut General Statutes to allocate bond funds to finance specific projects and purposes. State Bond Commission


Connecticut Airport Authority

CAA manages Bradley International Airport and the state's general aviation airports.

Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board

The Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board advises governmental agencies, departments and offices on data policy. Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board


Connecticut Green Bank

The Connecticut Green Bank leverages public and private funds to accelerate the growth of green energy in Connecticut.


Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority

CHEFA provides Connecticut's nonprofit institutions access to low cost financing in the public municipal markets. Hospitals, institutions of higher education, independent schools, childcare providers, cultural institutions, and human service providers have benefited from this financing to expand their physical plant and equipment and increase services to their clients.


Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority

The authority serves as an alternative source of loan funds to help students and families afford the costs of a college education by reducing the financial burdens of borrowing.


Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) Advisory Committee

The board advises the Treasurer on policies concerning CHET. The Connecticut Higher Education Trust allows families to make tax deferred investments for higher education costs.


Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

CHFA helps alleviate the shortage of housing for low- and moderate-income families and individuals and provdes mortgages for single family homeowners at below market rates.


Connecticut Innovations

Connecticut Innovations is dedicated to driving an entrepreneurial, technology-based economy in Connecticut. It stimulates high-tech growth by investing in early-stage Connecticut technology companies, university/industry research collaborations and technology transfer and collaborating with government, business, nonprofit and academic organizations to advance technology growth.


Connecticut Lottery Corp.

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation manages the State lottery and seeks to maximize the efficiency of operations in order to provide a greater return to the general fund.


Connecticut Port Authority

The Connecticut Port Authority coordinates the development of the state's ports and harbors, with a focus on private and public investments, and pursues federal and state funds for dredging and other infrastructure improvements, among other purposes.


Connecticut Retirement Security Authority

The Connecticut Retirement Security Authority was created to implement a program to provide private-sector employees with retirement savings accounts if they lack access to one through their employer.


Family and Medical Leave Insurance Trust Fund


Finance Advisory Committee

The Finance Advisory Committee approves budget transfers recommended by the Governor and has other such powers over the State budget when the General Assembly is not in session.


Governor's Council on Women and Girls

The purpose of the Council is to provide a coordinated state response to issues that impact the lives of women and, their families, and the State of Connecticut. The Council is charged with focusing on four areas of impact: education and STEAM; economic opportunity and workforce equity; leadership; and health and safety.


Investment Advisory Council

The Investment Advisory Council advises on investment policy and guidelines, and also reviews the assets and performance of the pension funds. Additionally, the Council advises the Treasurer with respect to the hiring of outside investment advisors and on the appointment of the Chief Investment Officer. IAC Responsibilities.htm


Municipal Accountability Review Board

The Municipal Accountability Review Board provides technical, financial and other assistance and related accountability for municipalities experiencing various levels of fiscal distress.


Nitrogen Credit Advisory Board

The Nitrogen Credit Advisory Board assists and advises the Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in administering the nitrogen credit exchange program. Nitrogen Control Program


Pension Sustainability Commission

The Pension Sustainability Commission was established to study the feasibility of placing state capital assets in a trust and maximizing those assets for the benefit of the state pension system.


Standardization Committee

The standardization committee approves or grants waivers to existing purchasing regulations when it is in the best interests of the State to do so.


State Employees Retirement Commission

The Commission administers the provisions of the State Employees Retirement System, the Municipal Employees Retirement System, and all other state retirement and pension plans except the Teachers' Retirement System.


Teachers' Retirement Board

The Board administers the Connecticut Teachers' Retirement System.