Connecticut's Gift Card Law

Gift cards and gift certificates purchased by shoppers in Connecticut that are not issued or backed by a federal financial institution cannot have an expiration date or incur inactivity fees.

A landmark 2003 Connecticut law subsequently approved by the state legislature, made Connecticut one of the first states to provide consumers with important protections in the use of gift cards and gift certificates. Prior to the Connecticut law, consumers lost money from the value of gift cards and gift certificates due to monthly fees, other charges, and expiration dates.

Unfortunately, federal law has not caught up to Connecticut. Gift certificates and gift cards that are sold in Connecticut, but are issued by or backed by a Federal financial institution, are covered by Federal law rather than Connecticut's consumer friendly law. To help determine if a financial institution is a Federal financial institution or not, please see the Connecticut Department of Banking's website at: Department of Banking.

If you have specific questions about a gift card or certificate, you can contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection at 860-713-6050 or visit