Individual Review of Credentials

Applicants may petition the Department for an individual review of their credentials. A structured process has been established by the Department with the advice and consent of the Connecticut Medical Examining Board for review of residency training equivalence.  Applicants who have not completed the requisite residency training shall submit all documentation listed below, in addition to all other documentation required for licensure.
  • A synopsis of post-graduate experience and qualifications indicating inclusive dates and positions held;
  • Letters sent directly to the Department from appropriate authorities verifying all post-graduate experience and qualifications including inclusive dates, positions held, description of responsibilities, supervision provided, areas of training completed and quality of performance; and
  • A letter of reference from a senior physician executive (e.g., a sponsoring department chair, training program director or medical staff officer) at a United States recognized educational institution (ideally, a senior level staff person from a Connecticut hospital or educational institution) attesting to the equivalency of the training completed outside the United States to an ACGME accredited residency training program.
Upon receipt of all required documentation, the application and supporting documents will be reviewed at the administrative level to determine if the Department feels it is appropriate for presentation to the Board.  Upon conclusion of the Department's review the application will be presented to the Board for review. 
The Board meets the third Tuesday of every month.  After completion of the review, the Board will make a recommendation as to whether or not the applicant's credentials provide the equivalence of two years of ACGME accredited residency training.