New CNA - Route 1

An applicant/candidate may qualify for nurse's aide registration (certification) based on successful completion of a Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) approved nurse's aide training program and passing the CT nurse's aide exam.

Nurse's aide candidates must successfully complete and pass both the written and practical parts of the Connecticut CNA examination administered by Prometric  to be placed on the Connecticut Nurse's Aide Registry.

Nurse's aide candidates can apply to take the CT CNA exam by completing the printable application and submitting it to Prometric. The training information section of the application must be completed by the instructor at the DPH approved training program where training was completed.  If the training section is not completed by the training program, a copy of a certificate of completion of nurse's aide training that was issued by the DPH approved training program must be attached.  

The fee for the examination is $118.  Personal checks and cash are not accepted. 

Nurse's aide candidates have 24 months from when they complete training to pass the CT nurse's aide exam.  There are no limits as to how many times a candidate can take the exam within the 24 month period.