Connecticut Nurse Aide certification cycle is a 24 month period.

In order to recertify, a nurse's aide must document one, eight (8) hour shift for compensation as a CNA or in a position provideding direct personal/nursing care for at least 8 hours during the two year period immediatley preceding the current expirationd date.  For example, if your current expiration date is 8/31/2018 and your last date of employment as a CNA was 7/4/2018, your new expiration date will be 7/31/2020.   There is no fee for renewal.  

Please arrange for your employer tocomplete and submit the employment verification form.

If your nurse's aide certification has expired and you have not worked as a nurse's aide or in a position where you provided direct personal care in a period longer than 24 months following your most recent certification, you are required to retake and pass the written and practical examinations administered by Prometric. Subsequent to passing the examiantions, registration will be renewed for two (2) years.  Please visit Prometric for application and examination registration informatin.

If your nurse's aide certification has expired and you have been working as a CNA or in a position where you have provided direct personal/nursing care, but you did not  submit verification of employment, you may submit an employment verification form for each two-year cycle since expiration.

Please select this link to search the Connecticut Nurse Aide verification site to determine registration status.