Training Licenses

Any person employed as a nail technician on or after September 30, 2020, who does not have continuous practice as a nail technician for not less than two years prior to said date, may apply to the department for a nail technician trainee license, provided such person applies for an initial trainee license not later than January 1, 2021.  Applications for training licenses will be accepted in early October, 2020.


Each person seeking an initial license as a nail technician trainee shall apply to the department on a form prescribed by the department, accompanied by an application fee of fifty dollars. Such application shall include the name and address of the spa or salon where such person is employed and the licensed nail technician who will be the applicant's supervisor. Upon the granting of a license under this section, the licensee may practice as a nail technician full-time or part-time under the supervision of a nail technician licensed under section 194 of this act, at a spa or salon managed by a person described in section 198 of this act. Such license shall be valid for one year, and shall be renewable once for an additional year, for a fee of fifty dollars. No person shall hold such a license for more than two years.


Any person who has held a nail technician trainee license for at least one year and has obtained a statement signed by the supervising nail technician documenting such nail technician trainee has completed a minimum of twenty hours per week of training in the techniques associated with the licensure of a nail technician and infection prevention and control plan guidelines pursuant to section 19a-231 of the general statutes may apply for a nail technician license online.