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Athletic Trainer Licensing Requirements


Before applying for licensure, please familiarize yourself with the general licensing policies.


In order to qualify for licensure, all applicants must:


Hold a baccalaureate degree in any area from either a regionally accredited institution of higher education or from an institution of higher learning located outside the United States that is legally chartered to grant postsecondary degrees in the country in which located;

Applicants who have not sat for or received the results of the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer may be eligible for a temporary permit


Applicants who have already passed the examination or who are licensed in another state are not eligible for a temporary permit. 

Hold and maintain current certification by the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer.


Documentation Requirements


Applicants are required to arrange for submission of the following documentation directly to this office from the source:


An official transcript verifying the award of a baccalaureate degree in any area submitted directly to this office from the educational institution;


Applicants who earned a baccalaureate degree from an educational institution located outside of the United States are required to have the educational institution complete the School Verification Form.


Verification of certification sent directly to this office by the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC);


If applicable, official verification of any out-of-state license, certification or registration (current or expired) as an athletic trainer.


A complete application with photograph and fee of $190.00.  Applications are only accepted online.  Please select this link Opens in a new window to apply online.


Please arrange for all supporting documentation to be sent directly from the source to:


Connecticut Department of Public Health

Athletic Trainer Licensure

410 Capitol Ave., MS #12 APP

P.O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134

Phone:  (860) 509-7603

Fax:  (860) 707-1982