Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one is a very important decision.  Consumers should always visit each facility they are considering and spend time touring the facility and talking with residents, families and staff members. 

  • Contact the facility's admissions representative to schedule an appointment for an informational meeting and tour
  • Visit the facility and observe staff interactions with residents, visit at meal time at night or on the weekends
  • Speak with residents and family members about their experiences
  • Ask about the resident council and resident rights
  • Ask how the facility handles patient concerns or complaints
  • Does the environment look comfortable?
  • Narrow choices and re-visit the facility at a different time of day if possible
  • Ask to participate in care planning decisions

To get more detailed information and tips on choosing a nursing home click on Choosing a Nursing Home.  Click here for information on all the licensed nursing homes in Connecticut.