Nursing Home Financial Advisory Committee


Public Act 14-55 establishes a Nursing Home Financial Advisory Committee that examines financial solvency of and quality care provided by nursing homes.  Committee responsibilities include (1) evaluating any information and data available, including, but not limited to , (A) quality of care, (B) acuity, (C) census, and (D) staffing levels of nursing homes operating in the state to assess the overall infrastructure and projected needs of such homes, and (2) recommend appropriate action consistent with the goals, strategies, and long-term care needs set forth in the strategic plan developed pursuant to subsection (c) of  section 17b-369 to the Commissioner of Social Services and the Commissioner of Public Health.  The act requires the committee to submit a report on its activities to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to aging, appropriations and the budgets of state agencies, human services and public health.




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