This page has been established to provide local health departments, hospitals, and other preparedness partners important risk communication information and resources so that they will be prepared to communicate effectively before and during an emergency. 

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) is the urgent response to an emergency in which the public and stakeholders are made aware of what they can do to protect themselves in an emergency. Communicating during an emergency is very different from normal communications. In an emergency, the health and safety of people are involved and every
second counts. This will help with quick and efficient dissemination of information when seconds count most.      

If you have information that would be helpful to post on this page for partners please contact Elizabeth or 860.509.7599

    EBOLA Preparedness and Response
         Video series: Ebola/infectious disease resources 
             -Four educational videos that can be used alone or in a series. 
             -Written in plain language with subtitles
             -Each video available in English, Spanish, and French (3 language on same web page)
             -Video titles are:   
                     How DPH Keeps You Safe from Infectious Diseases
                     How to Protect your Health when you Travel
                     How to Monitor Your Health       
                     How to Take your Temperature
2010 NAACCR Revisions


          Biological Agents


          Food Emergencies

          Mass Dispensing

          Pandemic Influenza
          Novel H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)

          Water Emergencies


2010 NAACCR Revisions