Cheese Manufacturer's License


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Application Form

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Sec. 22-230. License applications. (a) An application for a license to do business as a dealer, subdealer, cheese manufacturer, dry milk manufacturer or yogurt manufacturer shall be made to the commissioner. Any person who desires to enter business as a dealer, subdealer, cheese manufacturer, dry milk manufacturer or yogurt manufacturer shall file application not less than fifteen days prior to the date for which he is applying to engage in such business. Application for renewal of a license shall be made no later than July first of each year.

      (b) In order to be complete, each application shall be accompanied by the license fee provided for by sections 22-235a and 22-236. An applicant who fails to apply for renewal of a license on or before July first of each license year shall be assessed a late filing fee of fifty dollars and in the case of a store the late filing fee shall be fifteen dollars. Such late filing fee shall be in addition to any fees normally due for renewal of a license.

      (c) The applicant shall state such information in regard to his business or proposed business as is required by the commissioner, upon such form as he prescribes. Such information may include: (1) The nature of the business to be conducted; (2) the full name and address of the person applying; if the applicant is a copartnership, the full name of each member shall be stated; if the applicant is an association or corporation, the names and addresses of all officers and directors shall be stated; (3) the location at which the business is to be conducted and the locations or areas in which such business is to be operated; (4) the financial condition of the applicant; (5) a showing that he has complied and will comply with this part and all orders, rulings, regulations or directions issued hereunder; (6) the quantities, sources and type of outlets of milk handled during the calendar year preceding the period for which the license is desired; (7) such other facts with respect to the applicant's business as may be required by the commissioner pursuant to this part. The commissioner shall grant or renew a license to an applicant qualifying under and complying with all provisions of this part and orders, rulings, regulations and directions issued under this section.

      (d) Licenses shall not be transferable.

      (e) The licensing period shall be from the first day of July through the thirtieth day of June of the following year. The reporting period shall be the first day of April through the thirty-first day of March of the following year. During the month of March, the commissioner shall send a notice to each milk dealer, subdealer, cheese manufacturer, dry milk manufacturer and yogurt manufacturer, regarding their license renewal date and licensing reporting requirements.

      (f) The fees accompanying their application shall be returned to applicants who have been refused a license by the commissioner.

      (g) License fees collected shall be credited to the General Fund.

      (h) A milk dealer or a yogurt, dry milk and cheese manufacturer who fails to submit required information or fees no later than sixty days after the end of the licensing period shall be deemed to have surrendered its license and shall be notified by the commissioner via certified mail that its license is expired and deemed to have been surrendered. In the case of a store, such notification may be via first class mail. In the month of September, the commissioner shall furnish all licensed dealers, by electronic or other means deemed acceptable by the commissioner, a listing of all known milk dealers and stores that have failed to renew a license or whose license was revoked. The commissioner may update the listing from time to time.

      (i) No license shall be issued to any person, firm or corporation who has surrendered its license or whose license was revoked, until the commissioner has received all past due license or late fees.

      (1949 Rev., S. 3141; 1959, P.A. 116, S. 3; 1961, P.A. 424, S. 1; P.A. 91-312, S. 34; P.A. 96-25; P.A. 05-175, S. 16.)

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