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Why Choose CT Grown?

The reasons to choose local food are numerous and diverse.  Just a few examples:
  • When you chose CT Grown, you get the freshest, highest-quality products available.
  • When you choose CT Grown, you fuel your local economy by keeping your money and tens of thousands of jobs here in the state.

  • When you choose CT Grown, you support your neighbor.  You also preserve open space, which lowers the demand for municipal services, thereby reducing your taxes.

  • When you choose CT Grown, you get produce picked at the peak of ripeness.  Because it does not have to be shipped long distances or warehoused for extended periods, it can be left on the plant until it reaches optimum flavor and sweetness.

  • When you choose CT Grown, you have access to items not otherwise readily available.  Heirloom tomato varieties, for example, have intense and individual flavors.  They are ideal for farm stand and farmers' market sales, but are too fragile to ship or store well.
For more reasons, please visit some of the About Eating Local sites listed on our Links page.

Choose the best.  Choose CT Grown.