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Farm State Assistance For Enhancements (SAFE) Grant
This grant program is not currently being offered.  For grants available to farmers and farmer cooperatives, please take a look at the Agency Grants and Loans page for more information. 

The goal of the Farm State Assistance for Enhancements (SAFE) Grant is to provide matching funds to Connecticut farmers and farmer cooperatives to improve and diversify production, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing of agricultural farm products in accordance with the anticipated Food Safety Moderation Act (FSMA) to expand venues and other markets in which a majority of products sold are grown in the state. 

The purpose of the Farm SAFE Grant is: 

  • to provide financial support to farmers to enhance their agricultural operations in accordance with anticipated FSMA regulations to increase profits;
  • to assist farmers seeking to diversify, transition into new production areas, and/or expand existing production in accordance with anticipated FSMA regulations;

Funding for the Farm SAFE Grant is provided through the State of Connecticut Farm Transition Grant, established in 2005 through Public Act 228-05, An Act Concerning Farmland Preservation, Land Protection, Affordable Housing, and Historic Preservation.

2015 Application Guidelines (.pdf)

Appendix A: Cover Page (word doc)

Appendix B: Budget Form (word doc)

Appendix C: A Guide to Writing a Business Plan (word doc)

Appendix D: Application Checklist (word doc)

Questions can be directed to Jaime Smith, or 860-713-2559.