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Submit Documents to Emergency Response and Spill Prevention

Get the details on how to electronically submit reports related to oil and chemical spill incidents to Connecticut’s DEEP Emergency Response Unit.

Submit Documentation for Remediation/LUST Coordination

Electronically submit documents for the Remediation Program and the LUST Coordination Program that don’t require filing fees. Also, access instructions and link to the online filing system.

Manage Underground Storage Tanks

Learn what types of notifications are required for installing, maintaining, or removing underground storage tanks — and link to the online notification system. View/print guidance for creating new ezFile accounts

Apply for Aquatic Pesticide Permits

Aquatic pesticide permit applications, including new permit applications (Applications for the Use of Pesticides in State Waters) and annual forms for existing permits (Re-introduction of Pesticides into State Waters) can be submitted online via ezFile.  

Apply for Coastal Activity Permits

Coastal Permit Applications (Certificate of Permission and Structures, Dredging & Fill / Tidal Wetlands) can be submitted online via ezFile.  Learn more about what’s required, when and how you can apply for them online.

Apply for Waste Transporter Permits

Waste Transporter Permit Applications can be submitted online via ezFile. Learn more about what’s required, when and how you can apply for them online. 

Register for Stormwater Permits

Certain permits are required to help prevent the pollution of storm water discharges. Learn more about what’s required, when and how you can apply for them online.

Sign and Submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) or Stormwater Monitoring Reports (SMRs) to the EPA

Complete a DMR or an SMR that is specific to your permit limits and outfalls and have them transferred electronically to EPA’s data exchange network (ICIS-NPDES) upon submittal.

Register for Diagnostic and Therapeutic X-Ray (DTX) & Radioactive Material and Industrial X-Ray (RMI)

Leverage pre-populated drop-down lists to facilitate appropriate selections and get email confirmation and DEEP decision on the application. View/print guidance for creating new ezFile accounts.

Submit EMIT Emissions Inventory Reports

Learn more about what types of emissions inventories are required and how often they need to be filed. Also, link to the state’s online emissions reporting system.


File Documents for Energy Proceedings

Use this system to view and upload documentation related to the Bureau energy proceedings. Please email with any questions.


File Documents for PURA

Learn more about electronically filing required documents or public comments. You can also go directly to the log in for the PURA web-filing system here. Sign up for notifications from the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) newsletter.

DEEP Public Notices

Public Notices are provided here, for your convenience. Official legal public notices are published in accordance with the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations.

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