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NetDMR in Connecticut

*Please note that during this time of COVID-19, we are still requiring wet signatures on our Subscriber Agreements. Please email your agreement to us at at the same time that you mail the original to DEEP Headquarters. This will ensure that we are able to process the Subscriber Agreement and at the same time have the necessary wet signatures.*

What is NetDMR?

NetDMR is a freely available Web-based tool that allows permittees to electronically sign and submit their discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) or stormwater monitoring reports (SMRs) to EPA via a secure internet connection. NetDMR is designed to improve data quality, save paper, and provide cost savings for permittees and regulators. An essential component of NetDMR is the exchange of data that allows permittees to complete a DMR or an SMR that is specific to their permit limits and outfalls which then gets directly transferred electronically to EPA’s data exchange network (ICIS-NPDES) upon submittal.

What are the benefits of NetDMR?

  • Immediate confirmation of submission.
  • Opportunity for instant, electronic revisions.
  • Less time between submission and correspondence.
  • Instant accessibility to electronic submissions.
  • Ability to upload and attach supplemental documents.
  • Simple eFILE icon
Who can report data using NetDMR?

Any permittee (facility) in the state of Connecticut that is required to submit DMRs or SMRs in compliance with a currently issued Individual National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Individual Pretreatment, General Categorical, General Miscellaneous or General Stormwater Construction permit is eligible to file their DMRs or SMRs electronically.

To register for NetDMR, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Review and complete the CT DEEP NetDMR Subscriber Agreement.
The NetDMR Subscriber Agreement is a paper document specific to Connecticut that requires the signature of a corporate officer or an elected town official to legally designate a Subscriber who will sign and submit electronic DMR data on behalf of a facility. 

If you are registering on behalf of a privately owned entity such as a corporation, LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship, please read the CT DEEP NetDMR Subscriber Agreement Instructions before completing the CT DEEP NetDMR Subscriber Agreement Word Fillable Form.

If you are registering on behalf of a publicly owned entity such as a federal, state or governmental entity, please read the CT DEEP NetDMR Subscriber Agreement Instructions before completing the CT DEEP NetDMR Subscriber Agreement Word Fillable Form.
Step 2:  Create an Account in NetDMR.

The first person to create an account in NetDMR needs to be the person requesting signatory role in NetDMR which would be the subscriber(s) on section E of page 7 of the CT NetDMR Subscriber agreement form. This is the person(s) that would sign and submit the DMRs, but not necessarily the person who enters the DMR data. After signatory role is approved by CTDEEP, this person can then approve edit or view request in his facility to enter DMR data.

A NetDMR account is created through CDX. Please visit, How to Create a New CDX Account for step by step instructions or review EPA's slides: Creating a new Central Data Exchange (CDX) Account (to access NetDMR).

An account can be created in NetDMR at anytime, however, role and access to your permit will not be granted until you have submitted a sufficient CT DEEP NetDMR Subscriber Agreement.

Step3:  Begin using NetDMR!

Immediately after your role is approved in NetDMR, Signatory Authorities or subscribers may begin submitting monitoring reports electronically. It will be helpful to explore the NetDMR Support Portal for trainings. 

A consultant may prepare a NetDMR report, however, reports MUST BE SIGNED AND SUBMITTED by the SIGNATORY AUTHORITY or THE SUBSCRIBER. Consultants CANNOT sign or submit NetDMR reports. This applies to both hard and electronic DMRs.

At this point, you will no longer need to submit paper DMRs/SMRs to DEEP, you can now submit reports through CDX/NetDMR. However, you may still be required to submit paper DMRs to your local sewer authority. It is recommended that you check with your local sewer authority to inquire about any specific reporting requirements they may have. NetDMR stores all submitted data and copies of records (CORs) that can be downloaded and emailed to various recipients.

EPA Region 1 Quick Reference Guide for Electronic Submission of NPDES Program Specific Reports through NetDMR (Permittees & Internal Users) - Please see CT’s addendum to the document on page 7


For CDX/NetDMR assistance please contact EPA NPDES eReporting Helpdesk staffed by Avanti Corporation, or call 1-877-227-8965. 

For Individual National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Individual Pretreatment, General Categorical or General Miscellaneous permit questions, contact for further assistance with NetDMR in Connecticut.

For General Stormwater Construction permit questions, contact for further assistance with NetDMR in Connecticut.

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Content Last Updated on July 24, 2020