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Construction Stormwater General Permit

The General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters from Construction Activities  ("Construction Stormwater General Permit") requires developers and builders to implement a Stormwater Pollution Control Plan to prevent the movement of sediments off construction sites into nearby water bodies and to address the impacts of stormwater discharges from a project after construction is complete.   
  • General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters from Construction Activities-- effective October 1, 2019; expires September 30, 2020; a one-year extension of the Construction Stormwater General Permit; no renewal registration is required. A Notice of Tentative Decision to reissue the Construction Stormwater General Permit with modifications is expected to be issued prior to the expiration of this extension.
  • Notice of Reissuance without Modifications
  • Impaired Waters Table for Construction Stormwater Discharges
  • Coastal Management Determination Form (Appendix D) (Word, PDF
  • Stormwater Pollution Control Plan Review Checklist  (Word, PDF)
  • National Stormwater Calculator EPA’s National Stormwater Calculator is a desktop application that estimates the annual amount of rainwater and frequency of runoff from a specific site based on available information such as soil type, landscape and land-use information, historical weather, and types of low impact development controls)
  • Notice of Termination Form (Word, PDF)
  • Turbidity Reporting Requirements:

    • Stormwater Monitoring Form (Word, PDF) (paper form) – can be used during the first 180 days after obtaining permit authorization for a project.

    • Use the NetDMR electronic submission system to submit sampling results 180 days after permit authorization.  Refer to Section 5.(c)(2)(F) of the general permit for more information.  Within 15 days of obtaining permit authorization, contact the Department at to initiate the NetDMR subscription process.  

Proposed Reissuance with Modifications of the General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters from Construction Activities (GP)
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Posting of Registrations for the Construction Stormwater General Permit: This link will show registrations received and provide a date by which time citizens can comment on the registrant's Pollution Control Plan.

To request or comment on a registration or Pollution Control Plan, submit a written request/ comment to A request/comment must include your name, contact information, and the project’s Application Number. Registration information will remain posted on this webpage for at least 90 days from the date of registration receipt.

Stormwater Management

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