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Fishing Regulations | Reglamentos de Pesca

December 22, 2021 - 
The passage of Public Act 21-12 by the legislature eliminated the closed season for trout. Since that time, the Fisheries Division has been working to revise inland fishing regulations to support the new law. We are close, but are not there yet. A public hearing to comment on the proposed changes should be forthcoming in early 2022. As such, there are no changes to the inland (freshwater regulations) at this time. The 2021 regulations continue to be in effect until formal adoption of any new regulations (likely in June of 2022).

This means -

  • Some waters listed as closed to fishing as of a date (10/31, 11/30, 12/31, and last day of February) remain open for trout fishing only. Fishing for all other species is not allowed. A detailed list of affected waterbodies is provided here.
  • The 2021 freshwater (inland) regulations including daily creel limits, methods, gear, and size limits remain in effect.


The online fishing guide books below contain information on Species Regulations (Season, Gear, Sizes, Daily Creel Limits); Waterbody Specific Regulations (Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams); Licenses and Permits; Where to Fish; Learn to Fish; and other important need to know content. The useful links below, provide information to help you in your fishing efforts.

2021 Freshwater Fishing Guide online version | English pdf | Guía de Pesca de Connecticut

2021 Saltwater Fishing Guide online version | English pdf | Guía de Pesca de Connecticut

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Commissioner Declarations

Striped Bass and Inline Circle Hooks - New Rule and Updates  

Additional useful links

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