Climate Change

A longtime leader on climate change, Connecticut strives to develop and support forward-thinking climate-related policies and legislation, as well as participate in groundbreaking regional initiatives. Addressing climate change in a meaningful way presents residents, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities the opportunity to create, evolve, and maintain a sustainable environment, a robust economy, and a higher quality of life for current and future generations.

Connecticut Climate Action Website Thumbnail ImageVisit the Connecticut Climate Action website to learn more about the Governor's three Executive Orders that take action to address the climate crisis.


Governor's Council on Climate Change (GC3)

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Building a Low Carbon Future for CT, GHG Reduction Strategies and Recommendations 

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Exploring Climate Solutions Webinar Series

Mid-term Target Recommendation and Statement of Principles


Climate Programs and Partnerships

TCI-P's Regional Policy Design Process for 2019 

CT Climate Action Timeline

CT Climate Action Website

CT Greenhouse Gas Inventories

CT Lead by Example

CT Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

NEG/ECP Regional Climate Change Initiative

US Climate Alliance

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The Under2 Coalition

EV Connecticut

Drive Change. Drive Electric.

Transportation & Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P)

Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance)


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Climate and Clean Energy Technology Reports and Publications

Fourth National Climate Assessment Vol. 2 (November 2018)

IPCC Special Report: The Impacts of Global Warming of 1.5 °C (October 2018)

2018 Comprehensive Energy Strategy (February 2018)

National Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Analysis (September 2017)

Feasibility of Renewable Thermal Technologies: Market Potential (March 2017)

Feasibility of Renewable Thermal Technologies: A Field Study on Barriers and Drivers (March 2017)

Market Potential Assessment for Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Connecticut(July 2016)

Cleaner Cars from Cradle to Grave: How Electric Cars Beat Gasoline Cars on Lifetime Global Warming Emissions (November 2015)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Publication Database

CT Reports Archive


News and Events

Governor Lamont Signs Executive Order Strengthening Connecticut’s Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change (September 3, 2019)

TCI-P's Regional Policy Design Process for 2019 

An EV Roadmap for Connecticut

New Collaborative Campaign to Advance EV Adoption: "Drive Change. Drive Electric" (2018)

News & Events Archive


Tools and Resources

DEEP's VW Settlement Information

NOVA Documentary, "Decoding the Weather Machine" (first aired on April 18, 2018, on PBS)



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