Acknowledging COA Support

In accepting state funds from the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA), your organization assumes responsibility for administering the award in accordance with any provisions included in the grant contract.  While we may provide you with reminders regarding award requirements, the absence of receiving such notice does not relieve you of your responsibilities.   Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the termination of the award and recovery of funds.

Acknowledgement of COA
As stated in the grant contract, a grant recipient is required to acknowledge the support of the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA).  A grantee must credit the Connecticut Office of the Arts by using the official logo.  The logo is available in three (3) layouts.  It can be reproduced in full-color or black & white. It must be reproduced without alteration.

Layout Option #1:

Full Color Left Logo for the CT Office of the Arts

Layout Option #2:

Full Color Right Logo for CT Office of the Arts

Layout Option #3:

Full Color Stacked Logo for the CT Office of the Arts

In those instances where the use of the COA logo is not feasible, the words "with support from the Connecticut Office of the Arts, which also receives funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency" must appear.  When no printed materials exist, verbal credit must be given prior to each performance and/or event.

Download COA logo here.

Promotional Materials:
Credit must be given by using the COA logo in printed materials (including season and subscription brochures, newsletters, press releases and announcements) as well as in films or video recordings. Any promotional material prepared by recipients that credits another funding source must also credit COA.

Online Materials: Use the COA logo prominently in online materials, including websites, electronically distributed releases and intranets.  When the COA logo appears on a grantee’s website, it should link to

Programs/Playbills: The COA logo must appear in a prominent location (cover, title page, etc.) on printed programs. In addition, grantees must list “Connecticut Office of the Arts” in the donor category appropriate to the level of financial support received.

Exhibition Signage: For any exhibition presented with funding from COA, wall text listing sponsors must include “Connecticut Office of the Arts” with other major public, private and corporate sponsors, in proportional order of the size of contribution.

Educational Materials: Credit must be given in all educational materials distributed in association with any COA funded program such as pamphlets, flyers, etc.

Advertising: Credit must be given in all print advertising placed by a grantee that is 10 column inches or larger. Billboard advertising should also include the COA logo or comparable credit approved by COA.

Donor Recognition: Any wall plaques or advertisements that acknowledge the grantee’s annual or ongoing support from corporations and/or foundations should also acknowledge COA.

Importance of Pubic Funding of the Arts
As a grantee of the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA), it is crucial that you communicate with elected officials and the public about the value of the arts in your community. 

Funding for the Connecticut Office of the Arts is dependent on the support of the Governor and the Connecticut General Assembly.  You are strongly encouraged to contact your political leaders to inform them of the key outcomes that state funding will make possible with regard to your organization and your organization’s arts and culture services/programs, impact on the economy, education, tourism, workforce development and more. 

It is also very important to thank political leaders for appropriating funds to support the arts.  Your acknowledgement of the support your organization has received from COA helps to support the future funding of COA and, thus, funding for the arts through COA’s grant programs.  Letters may be addressed to:

The Honorable Governor Ned Lamont          
Office of the Governor                               
State Capitol, 210 Capitol Avenue                  
Hartford, CT 06106 

The Honorable (Name of Legislator)
Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

Visit to Find Your Legislators.

Working with the Media
For guidance in planning a media campaign, please consult the National Endowment for the Arts’ “Working with the Media Toolkit”.  

Accessibility Accommodations
Individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing or any individuals who may need assistance may contact the Connecticut Office of the Arts’ Accessibility Coordinator Tamara Dimitri at or 860-500-2377.