Division of Criminal Justice Legislative Recommendations to the 2020 General Assembly

Early Screening and Intervention Program – The Division of Criminal Justice proposes to maintain/expand the pilot program, which has shown great promise. Further, the Division looks to build upon the ESI concept through legislative and/or administrative measures to restore the historical charging function and authority of the prosecutor.

An Act Concerning Evidence Seized in a Criminal Investigation – To address the ruling of the Connecticut Supreme Court ordering the public release of private materials seized in the course of a criminal investigation, but never introduced as evidence in a judicial proceeding.

An Act Concerning Grand Jury Reform –To provide a more workable process for the initiation of an investigatory grand jury in limited circumstances with regard to specific crimes.

An Act Concerning the Seizure of Firearms – To refine and enhance Connecticut's nationally recognized "red flag" law allowing the seizure of firearms from those who present a danger to themselves or others.

An Act Concerning Revisions to Various Statutes Concerning the Criminal Justice SystemTo allow for appropriate review prior to the release of video or audio recordings of police-involving shooting incidents, and (2) to clarify the criminal law prohibiting sexual activity with a deceased person or animal and (3) to clarify and provide a more appropriate penalty for the wilful and unauthorized distribution of intimate images of an individual.

An Act Concerning Driving While Intoxicated - To clarify and improve the effectiveness of the statutes prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.