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Middlesex State’s Attorney Releases Statement Concerning Police-Involved Shooting in West Haven​


The State’s Attorney’s Office for the Judicial District of Middlesex, with assistance from Inspectors with the Division of Criminal Justice, continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the use of deadly physical force resulting in the death of Mubarak Soulemane on January 15, 2020 in West Haven.

Middlesex State’s Attorney Michael A. Gailor, who was assigned to conduct the investigation and determine if the use of force was justified under state law, today released the following statement:

As we approach the anniversary of the death of Mubarak Soulemane, I, on behalf of the Division of Criminal Justice, would like to extend our condolences, once again, to Mr. Soulemane’s family and friends for their loss.  I would also like to assure his family and the public that the investigation is still ongoing.  While we are striving to complete the investigation as quickly as possible, our primary goal is to ensure that the investigation is thorough and complete.  Pursuant to General Statutes Section 51-277a(c), the Division of Criminal Justice will issue a report upon the conclusion of the investigation.”