DNA Data Bank Oversight Panel

Minutes of meeting of December 10, 2019
Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Forensic Science Laboratory
Meriden, Connecticut

The meeting convened at 9:35 a.m.  Present at the meeting were Patricia Johannes, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP)-Forensic Lab; Kristin Sasinouski, DESPP-Forensic Lab; Cheryl Carreiro, DESPP-Forensic Lab; Carll Ladd, DESPP-Forensic Lab; Megan Olt, DESPP-Forensic Lab; Jason Gaudet, Department of Correction; David Maiga, Department of Correction; Joseph Lopez, Office of the Public Defender; Michael Gailor, Division of Criminal Justice, Amy Bepko, Division of Criminal Justice.

The minutes of the meeting on September 11, 2019, were unanimously approved. 

The lab reported that as of December 1, 2019, a total of 126,593 convicted offender samples have been submitted to the lab; 732 since September 1, 2019.  Of these samples, 7028 were determined to be duplicate submissions. One hundred eighteen thousand seven hundred thirty-nine have been profiled and reside in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).  Approximately 575 convicted offender samples are waiting to be processed/entered into CODIS. 

There are 134,888 profiles in the Forensic Index.  One thousand six hundred eighty-one incomplete cases are assigned to DNA and 118 are assigned to Forensic Biology. 

The lab reported that 6389 investigations have been aided so far by 6446 confirmed hits.  Approximately 90 candidate matches are under evaluation.  The average time it takes to send out notification of the hit once it has been obtained is fifteen days. 

While no representative was present for the meeting, the Judicial Branch submitted a report noting that from July through September 2019 it sent 527 initial and warning letters to individuals to remind them of their obligation to provide DNA samples.  They collected 373 samples.  In 191 cases where probation was not imposed, Judicial sent letters to 106 individuals in an attempt to collect samples.  Because some individuals had provided samples previously, judicial determined that only 72 needed to provide samples.  Judicial sent 9 memoranda to the Department of Corrections advising them of the need to collect samples and sought 16 warrants for the failure of individuals to provide samples. 

The Department of Correction reported that it has collected 1328 samples from inmates in the year to date.  Currently, 107 inmates have refused to provide a sample in violation of the statutes. 

The Committee meeting dates for 2020 were established as March 11, June 10, September 9 and December 9.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:12 a.m.